Friday, October 31, 2008

My 2nd post..Tell u some funny things!!

Today don't know why no mood study and no mood to do daily activities like sleep!!!
Whole afternoon can't have a good rest..
i think i sick le..Very serious..
And now face to my pink colour laptop. Plan to write something who know there got (may be more than 1) stupid people burning something!! I think he o they is burning plastic as keep on give out some bad bad bad smell!!!
Realy stupid oh!! They don't know our country 'future' ministers are facing their final exam and burning midnight oil just for getting more proper knowledge to lead this country!!??
I think last time when our ministers studied at university, sure they facing the same problem so that they couldn't input all the knowledge gave by the lecturers and the results are they don't learn proper way to say, to work, to lead our country, to save money and energy and ....
As an example, they don't learn moral during their study so there got so many 'rasuah' (corruption) cases occur. Besides that, they don't know the proper way to speak o to talk. that's why so many funny things happen when they having parlimen meeting!! They also don't know how to lead our country to a better condition. When international petrol price increase, they want to earn so the market price of petrol increase immediately. When the petrol price drop, they told us they have to think before decrease the selling price!! May be they don't know mathematic as well as price increase RM 0.78 but now only drop RM 0.55!!

That's why i said when they study, sure got a lot of people burning rubbish around them so they can't concentrate and can't study well. When they graduated, they didn't know their own problem. When they become ministers, we saw their problem and laugh at them!! Haha..

just write something funny to release my tension!! Dun put in mind oh all ministers!!
May be you all study at other places where can see a lot of beauty, money, seaside till can't study well?? then the air pollution can't be then main factor to cause you all so 'clever'!!!

Just for fun!!!!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the first blog ..


At the end i have my own blog le..Last time very lazy so no open..but since all my frens start post their story here so i start to have my blog le lo!!!


C u all here..