Tuesday, August 31, 2010

End of Aug-Begin of Sep

Today is the last day of August. Early in the morning, woke up and began my day with badminton with Han Jie and my juniors. Damn tire although just 2 hours non-stop playing.

Injured my leg because of the bad condition of my badminton shoes.

But still happy as really enjoy playing with all of them.

Thank you oh...

HAving my lunch at 4pm. Cendol at section 17 is nice but price increases le.So sad...

My parent sent my sister to my godMum house. My whole family made my godmum's house very noisy. Very funny...

My leg very pain...

Do't know when it will recover so I can play sport well..

I miss YoU

At the end of August

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Loving Tony Roma's


At the end i tasted the food at Tony Roma's, MidValley!!

It is a very nice experience for me although it took a lot of my monthly salary, i still feel it is worth for me to have dinner at there.

Nice nice nice!!!

I am a moody guy so it is easy for me to feel down and happy...

With delicious food or a great sport session, I will live again...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weird weird Wed...

Today, i woke up as usual 7.30am. Prepared to start my research's life by brush teeth, bath, biscuit breakfast and fetch my god dad went to UM medical center.


I just spent around 20 min to reach UM!!!

What an amazing journey for me as normally i will reach UM with at least 30 min driving...

I thought today will be a great day for me...

Who know...

It was just a bad day for me!!!

1. My sample can't be used!!! My research have to start from beginning to get to know which part of it got problem...

2. My salary still no get for this month!!! But other friends who same with me already enjoying...

3. I have to think properly whether this kind of life is suitable for me or I have starting my job-hunting now...

4. Lunch time with McD. Increase body weight by reduce the weight of my wallet. I need exercise more but my sport shoes always make my leg injure...

What should I do?
May be I need go temple le...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend 15.8.2010

...Happy Weekend...
After did my passport, had a nice lunch with dad at McD.
Had a wonderful weekend with all my hometown best friends.
Badminton 3 hours then enjoyed a good dinner together. Feel so great!!

Thanks for all oh.

Hope can meet all of you in the coming gathering!!

Today reached my working place within 30 min.
If everyday can experience the same, I willing to wake up earlier.

Monday, August 9, 2010


终于 毕业了

如今,却能站在Dewan Tuanku Canselor从马大校长哪接受我的毕业证书。


I am a unprofessional engineer. A Biomedical Engineer.




My buddy line.

Monday, August 2, 2010

An amazing Monday Morning

What an amazing Monday!!!!

I spend 30 min to reach UM from Sunway by Federal Highway!!!

Woo hoo... No jam.No car crash here crash there.No people stand middle of the road quarrel this shouting there. No Ambulance 'Pi-Po Pi-po' there. No policemen and their stupid Waja 'Yi-oik Yi-oik there. No people make the traffic slow down and no people stupid stop their car on the highway.

What a super nice happy Monday morning!!!

Although I got mountain like works need to be done today including Badminton Session with 2nd juniors and accompany one of my good friend celebrate his birthday, still feel very happy to start my day with this kind of good condition!!!

Hope everyday I have this kind of feeling to work up on my research!!!

Wish me good luck oh!!!