Monday, July 26, 2010

Inception = A nice idea..

A movie that described about 'dream', 'Technology', relationship between people, 'Memory', 'Time' and the most important is 'LOVE'.
Steal the knowledge, secret and information from other person brain in their 'Dream'.

Using the high 'TECHNOLOGY' to 'get in' into other people dream and steal something from there or more advance--implant some ideas to that person.
6 persons from other background, work together for the same aim--Implant the idea or mind to their target. Different 'RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PEOPLE' have the effect on the thing they work up with.
'MEMORY' will be one of the thing that Dom (the main character played by Leonardo Dicaprio) needed to overcome in order to complete their mission.
'MEMORY' also one of the thing that implant deeply in our mind.
'TIME' can delete almost all the things in the world except the memory and the love between you and me.

'Love' is the most unforgettable thing in our life. No matter which kind of 'Love' it is. The feeling on your lover, your children, your parents, your friends...
Deep in your heart...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The worst thing in Malaysia

Walao eh....

3 days continuely traffic jam like hell at FEderal Highway!!!

I know you will surprise on what I am trying to say as Fedaral Highway always traffic jam and it is no a big issue. But What i am saying now is totally abnormal case!!!

Before this 3 day, Monday, I went to UM using Federal Highway as well. From Sunway to UM, it took me about 35 minutes.

But start from Tuesday until today (Thursday), it took me at least 50 minutes to reach UM!!!!

What the hell!!!

Today I spent less time (50 min) because I kept using emergency lane (Salah di sisi undang-undang) which I broke the rule in order to reach early to my lab. So sad about it...


What happen on You, Mr Federal??


Tomorrow I will pay to NPE, let the stupid company which share their profit with our minister (RASUAH!!) to cut short the time I shut up in my car!!!

$$$ ,when only you will reach my hand??

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

REsearch ASsistant's Life...

EArly in the Morning, 8am reach the lab. I start my life as a research assistant. Worry and work up for my research...

Sometimes I am very very busy till I forget the time.
Sometimes I am very very free till don't know what should do.

Sometimes I am confuse and don't know what should do next for my experiment.
Sometimes I am rush all the ways to complete my test and experiments.

Sometimes I sleep on chair inside the lab.
Sometimes I play game inside the lab.

Sometimes I have my lunch at KFC, McD, Sushi King...
Most of the time I have my lunch at 12th College.

Sometimes I reduce my weight by play badminton.
Most of the time I increase my weight by eat a lot of nice food.

Sometimes I got Fa-Mum (father mother) Scholarship.
Most of the time I am poor with empty pocket.

Spend most of the times on the journals and research reading.
But spend more on missing YoU.

Late of the day, 10pm or may be 11pm, back to home. I return my life back to a normal human being. Worry about my future and worry about YoU...

Monday, July 12, 2010







Wednesday, July 7, 2010



一盘经济炒饭与面加颗煎蛋加点叁巴与辣椒= RM3.50!!!


还是engineering 的cafe啊!