Thursday, November 26, 2009

Look out point...

This the 3rd time i visited here.But this is the 1st time i had caught some nice scene here.

The front gate of the place ...

KL night scene!!!

The 2 light tubes are KL Twin Tower!!Hehe..

This scene made me think of YoU.So hope can bring YoU here...Wish that will have chance in the future...Just we 2 and record the scene in our memory forever...

3 handsome guys with the beautiful KL night scene.Perfect!!!

A funny guy with the face that sun burned = =...And also the beautiful scene!!

With my friend,190's girl friend and Kian seng.The scene really nice oh!!!

Handsome Kian Seng and ugly Wei hong...Kian Seng is single and available now!!!

Hot deal.Fast fast fast...First come first serve!!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Section 17-Cendol.memory with you

今天的午餐是cendol 和rojak。














Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pizza Hut!!

Today drove my sister come back KL.She was so lazy to drive so I had to be her driver.Pity brothe (- -!!)

We reached KL about 12pm.So she wanted to treat me lunch.Wah!!!

Why she suddenly become so kind? (She is a stingy girl.Haha...)

Don't care la.As long as nice food to eat!


So we went to Pizza Hut to have our lunch.
We ordered The Sensasi set which included 2 drink,2 soup,1 garlic bread and 2 personal pizza!

1 is triple chicken and another is cheesy pizza.
Boths tasted nice.

I prefer triple chicken as it tastes like hawaii chicken which is my flavour!

Enjoy my lunch!
And gain weight!!

  • This is triple chicken.Yummy...!!!

  • This is cheesy chicken.No bad!!!

After finish all my stuff, wish to go again..After that need do more exercise.Badminton i am coming!!!!


Although YoU are leaving so far
I still missing YoU every single second

Altough chances are less and less
I still feel not to give up

Although I am almost failed to reach my target
I still like YoU very much...

How I am suppose to do to get close with you?
What I should do to get into your heart?
When only I can meet you in the next second?
Can I know where's your heart belong to?

21.11.2009 12:43am

Busy final year life.

Holiday haven't started.
Thesis presentation need prepare well to get a good mark for it.
Heard that only few persons got A for Bioinstrumentation.
The girl I miss is leaving.
Since like all bad things come to me in this November.
Is me easy affected by negative emo or really I am so bad luck recently?
Feel so down now.
All my friends stay around me can't sense my mood well.They all said i always laugh,unpressure and look crazy.They don't know I am always tension,worry about my life and feel sad for many things happened on me...
I don't mind to make other beside me happy.I just hope my luck can be a bit better.

I just wish for a simple life.
I just wish for a normal result.
I just wish for a warm blanket.

I just wish can have less tension in my life.
I just wish can hold the girl I love tight.
I just wish can have a hug from you...

Why all my wishes seem so far from me?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 5, last paper. T-T

Today, i facing my Medical Imaging paper.
A nightmare for me...
After came out from the exam hall, I feel wanted to burned all the notes and past years!!
Because of this paper, maybe i need extend to graduate...
Medical Imaging.
I really studied a lot le...Why i stil can settle 'u'??


Is my fault i know...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 4, 5th paper.

Today, the 5th paper of this sem is Bio-instrumentation.
Almost all of my coursemates were confident to score well in this paper before entering the examination hall.
After we cema out from the hall, almost all people were down and kept talking why this time the paper from Dr ting was so so so difficult!!
Dr Ting asked us to think out of box for his test and the questions he gave really out of our mind.Haha..
Don't know how for this paper.
Now my mind full of tomorrow paper---Bio-imaging!!
The most difficult paper for this sem for me!! As all need memorize and no tips from the lecturer!!
Really have to think out of box le!!!

Wish me better luck for tommrrow !!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The 3rd day,th3 4th paper

Today I was facing my 4th paper - Biotransportation and Artificail Organ.

It is a very good subject and no difficult to understand about the contains of this subject.

After doing some past years question and exercises, I tried to focus on the questions contain calculations,equation derived and diagram drawing which i believe will come out in the exam.

Who know my loving lecturer came out a very weird calculation question which needed us to combined the theories we studied and arranged them again to get an equation to calculate the concentration of toxic in patient's blood after dialysis treatment. It is a question related to artificial kidney. This question made me confused and i can't get the final answer for it.
I mixed up the equations so i got wrong for the 1st question.

Overall for this subject, I believe i can't get an A for it.
Feel So sad...

Ai..Hope I will score well for my last 2 subject.Bio-instrumentation and Bio-Imaging.
Wish me luck oh...

Monday, November 9, 2009

2nd day 3rd paper

Today is 2nd day for final examination and today i will facing 3rd paper. Electrical Circuit analysis.

It is a subject that from my Department that related to electrical and this year,this subject was teached by a lecturer from UIA (University Islam Antarabangsa or International Islamic University).

Back to the examination hall...
So happy when i saw the questions as almost all questions came from our lecture notes.

But when i started doing, I found myself forget almost all the steps to get the answer from the informations given!!!

I can't get good result for this subject even it is consider an easy paper because i seldom doing exercises that stated inside the notes.

So sad...As it is 3 credit hours subject...
Although my aim is to get a passing marks...So scare because the paper is so easy for others,The graph will change and caused me cannot pass this scare...

I want a B!!!
Or at least give me a B-...
Let me pass this subject,please...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Final year 1st day Final Exam...

Yesterday was my 1st day final exam in final year.
2 papers held in one day..Such a good news for all Biomedical final year students.
At first,for our 1st paper, we all thought the questions will just like what inside our seniors' papers as the lecturer is the person who prefers giving past years questions in the final examination.

This year,unpredictable scenario occurred on us.He made a question paper of final examination without similiar with any past years questions except 1 questions!!!!
Some more the questions he made so indirect and caused us spent so much time on the questions we felt so simple just for getting something information to help us in solving the problems!!! Sweat (- - !!!)

For second paper,I can't comment much because nearly 99% of the question is similiar with past years questions. But,again,i facing problem in this paper!!! I forget the requirements for the standard stated in mechanical safety test!!
ASTM F1717 and ASTM F1798...
Don't know what I wrote can help me get a B+ for both papers ma??
I need good result!!!


Just kidding as without putting effort in study,sure won't get good result except....You got tips for the papers!!!!Haha...

Thanks for the wish from UK although i can't really scored well in 1st day final exam.
Hope that your wish may change my luck in the coming EXaminations!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009



期望有个拥抱 就算只有一秒
希望有个依靠 就算从此变老