Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MATB 2 2010 \/ Thesis

Last week Friday was MATB 2 2010. A function which was held at 5 stars' hotel. Is 4th time i attended it since 2007. I thinked it will be the last time for me. Really appreciate it.

That day had a lot of photos, eat a lots (1st time I felt full in such function), met a lots of juniors with pretty/handsome dressing, and talked a lots with seniors and juniors.

Really hope I can be the VIP in the coming year to attend such function...Haha..Just kidding as I not a good and proffesional student,not a well contributer to college...

Some of the photos I took that day...

Inside bus.SS

SS ^2

Leng lui!!!

Old ppl...

After enjoyed the dinner, now come the hard time ....Ai...

Thesis had to be done by 31st...And I confirm can't finish on time... Some more my supervisor started to unlike me...How how how???

Anyone can give me some ideas how to solve this 'engineering' problem ????


After grumbling, let's go to thesis...

Wei Hong, try your best!!!!


How are you there? Enjoy your life? Remember to take good care...I will be missing you all the time...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

MATB 1 2009/2010

今天是第二宿舍的MATB1。一个在DU (Dewan Umarak=Dewan Makan)主办的颁奖晚宴。

第一次=1st year.那时我是add-hoc。没什么好玩的。

第二次=2nd Year。那时我是排球队长。拿了个银牌,没机会角逐最佳队伍。也没什么好谈。

第三次=3rd year。那时我是Lencana Separuh的得主。这是颁给在运动领域对宿舍有贡献的学生的一个荣耀。那时蛮开心的。毕竟学术方面的奖项自从我进入大学后就没机会染指了。而且运动是我最大的兴趣。能得到他人的肯定,还真的不错!

第四次=Final Year。今天的感觉有点怪怪的。Junior都‘酸’我得了个‘终身成就’奖。Lencana Penuh。它,算是我在大学四年所参加的运动的一个不完美的终点吧。。。SUKMUM没的过金牌,羽球不能进入一流高手的境界(当然是指大学的水准啦),排球没有很好的表现,蓝球没入选,手球却太迟接触,乒乓没真真的去学,网球却只停留在初学者的境界。。。牺牲了好多好多的时间,汗水与泪水,得到了心灵上的饱和。算不算值得呢?


P.s: 在你眼中的我又是怎样的呢?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thesis = killer...

Final year project = Thesis. A nightmare for all final year student. Am I correct??

I really can't get any good thing from this stupid final year project.. Is that i must learned something from so difficult 'project'??

Since the 1st time i stepped into 2nd college, all seniors kept talking how terrible thesis is. When the time is coming, is my turn to grumble on this stupid work le!!!!

Waste time, waste energy, waste money...Anyone can tell me what is the benefit that student can get from final year project??
Learn how to prepare report? No. We can learn this skill from prepare experiment report.
Learn how to write research paper? If I don't wish to further study, is that i need to have this skill for finding a job?
Learn how to analysis data? No need do thesis also can learn gua?
Learn how to write literature review? Haha...

I really what i learn from doing thesis...

So stress and so hard...Ai...


Finish grumbling!!!!!

Go work lo...

Aza aza fighting...

P.s: Will you read this post?

I just want to tell you that I never stop missing you even 1 second...

Take care...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10/ 3/ 2010

Today is a boring busy day..Because I slept this morning 230am, so when i wake up,10am was coming and i had to wash my shirt, send the receipt to office, get approve for my letter from my lecturer/supervisor, and go to career path (career fair) for 2nd survey..

And after i finish washed my shirt, i got a call from HP company asked me for attend an interview which will be held at 2pm.

So I have to rush to my department to settle down the things in my plan and walk to DTC for the intervew without have any time for my lunch!!!

Ai...Pity ...and hungry...

I met my secondary schoolmate at DTC and have a funny discussion with the ZTE company worker. I went through a 30 minutes interview session with HP workers. Although I had tried my best,I believe i no the best candidate they looking for. But it is a good chance for me to involve in a job interview session.

Busy day...
But do nothing for my thesis and asignment!!!
Tonight sure need really concentrate on my thesis and Tissue engineering assignment!!!!
Aza aza fighting!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

1 week after 元宵