Monday, January 31, 2011

Pre-CNY mood-3

Aih...Back to home...Got a sad new...Ai...

Failed on 2nd interview...Really no easy to go Japan...Aih...Really upset...

Yuan Zheng told me,may be it is a fate...Asked to finish the master study at Malaysia.

190 called me from Japan. Sorry la brother,I can't bring nasi lemak to you.But I believe there are people will bring it to you.

My mum told me,you will worry about the life there so better don't go...



Thanks to everyone support me...I did a bad job at the interview...

Sorry and thanks to toshiba...


Pre-CNY mood-2






吃了好久没吃的Sushi King,还是那么好吃。在MidValley的Sushi King遇到了一个很奇怪的日本小孩。真的是奇怪的一天。。。

免费的tropicana果汁和Old town咖啡,哈哈哈,或许这就是简单的幸福吧。



Friday, January 28, 2011

Pre-CNY mood-1

Everyone talking about CNY....


Home visit

Food hunting

Flying here and there


Why I have not that kind of feeling?

I think I am old leh....


Only think about my future,my family,my career,my saving and money...Ai...Too bad..

I think I am sick leh....

Sore throat....

Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend for Gathering

Last weekend really a special weekend...A nice happy weekend which I spent full with my best friends...

Friday- Gathered at Piccadilly, Section 14 PJ to discuss the whole plan to run in Saturday.Haha...

Saturday- Early in the morning, waked up and rush to Wei Ren's place. Prepared to go to Broga Hill. After fetched Hoe Joo and Shian Yi, we met Jia Ling and Wei Lun at Semenyih Town. Then wait Seh Hua, Siew Wei, Jun Han and Hui Fang at the Oil Palm Estate. 5am, departed to Broga Hill!!!Haha..

After conquered Broga Hill, we went to the temple near by to pray and wash there. Kajang Satay was waiting for us at Kajang Town.Haha...

Finished delicious satay, was time to back and rest for the next activity-Shopping! Haha...But i no joined this activity.Ha...No money to shop...Pity..

Night time activity will be Bah Kut Teh at Klang and I-City photo taking. Honestly, I-City is not a good place to visit unless you like to see LED blinking all the way.

Another gathering with JQ and See Jong at Piccadilly after I-City visit. A bit tired...Haha...Enjoy a great football game and talk with JQ & See Jong.Hehe..

Sunday- Breakfast with Shi Yeong at Bandar Salak Selatan. Rest for whole afternoon and dinner with JunHan them before they went back to Merlimau.
Datuk Lee won the champion of Malaysia Open and 李佳薇 showed a fantastic performance...

Really a special weekend and I enjoyed a lot from it...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Second Interview 2011

I been selected to join Toshiba Global Recruiment 2nd Inteview which was held in UM, Machanical Department.

Although I am from Biomedical Engineering

Although I am graduated 1 years (a few months) ago

Although I no have real experience to deal with related field

Although I have not good characteristic for them


I still wish to experience a different at JAPAN Toshiba...

Aih...A bad interview for me in this second interview, I guess...No have much feedback from the interviewers...8 persons there but I believe none of them really understood what I was presenting there. I like the ways they interviewed the candidate but I failed to achieve what they wish to get, I guess...


It is a good interview experience for me as I never faced 8 interviewers in a single interview before. How to explain a specific idea to 8 different persons in oreder to make them understood and agreed with you, to support and pick you as their choice, a nice experience...

My presentation might be failed as can't really reach their target, I guess...

Now just wait and pray...

Thanks to Toshiba for invited me for the second interview

Sunday, January 16, 2011












谢谢你,Buddy。。。 很高兴能成为你的小buddy...

You will always in my mind forever.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 First WISH

I have so many wishes in 2011, before the 2012, before the end of the world...

So many things need to be done...

All of the things, the final thing is---MONEY!!!

All related to the MONEY!!!


What a meaningless life...

Bad bad boring moody life....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Interview 2011

Attend an interview in the beginning of 2011
A global company which related less to my study
Apply the position because
I really interest in explore something new
I really wish to learn more in that field although it might be hard for me
I really hope can prove myself
I really look for something different in my life
I really want to make a change in my current LIFE!!!!

I know I interested in doing research
I know I won't do well in research as a lazy guy
I know I want to earn $$$$$$$
I know I won't have a lot of $$$ with the current JOB
I know I scare of lose to other
I know all of my friends do well at their life
I know I have limited choices with my qualification
I know I won't get high salary job now

I don't know how to make a decision.
When you asking me what I really want, I don't know how to give you an answer. I thought for long time for an answer but it was failed.
May be I am a loser. A loser when face to LIFE...
I wish to improve myself in 2011. So when the same question from you, I can tell you the proper answer. I think I was failed again.
Whole night dream of the interview. Dreamt of how to answer the questions in this past interview.
Can I return to the time I attend the interview? May be I can give them the better answers...
The interview made me understanded a lot.
Thanks to this 2011 first failure interview.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1.1.11 Gathering

Have a nice gathering at the so special moment!!!



A very special steamboat gathering. Satay celup steamboat!!


Hope that all of my friends happy, healthy, lucky in this special 2011!!!

Thanks to have this so meaningful gathering!!!


Happy 2011!!!!

Hope that all people are happy and enjoy there...

No more sadness

No more hardship

No more difficult time

No more this price increase that price increase

No more bad luck

No more sick and no feeling well

No more bad service, tasteless, and dirty food



All the best to ALL people oh!!!!