Tuesday, May 5, 2009

X Men Origin!!A nice movie...But the story is too short..

The main character in the movie.
The wolverine really very 'yeng'!!!


Day 15.Finish the Hell like life.

At the end i finish my final exam for session 08/09.
After finished the exam,had lunch with my coursemates and college friends.McD spicy Chicken McDeluxe very nice but the size a bit small for me.Haha..Very hungry oh after 2 hours exam in the air-cond full function hall.Died..Haha..
Bad luck coming back to my side after enjoyed a happy meal....!!!! My room key lost again!!!
Twice in a sem..Shit..2 years never lost once.But this sem lost twice le.Really sui...Bad luck..
After a very very rush key making journey,i got my new room key!!
Then going to Pekan Buku to help my sweet heart surveying the price of book.Tire but fell my life very very pack!No waste even 1 second oh.Haha...
And started a Dota learning session.Haha..After that had a very full dinner at Dewan Makan and met my friend who going to play badminton!!!
Sure i followed them lo.Haha..No enjoy enough as i promise with my ex-roommate to watch movie.X-Men Origin-Wolverine.Nice movie.Have a look.Hehe..
Came back room and tire like hell...Think to pack my luggage and move to my God mum's house but very lazy..Haha..
Sleep 1st.

Good night every1!!!!
Sleep tight and rest well oh..

Take good k on yourself ok..Hehee

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 12.Skip for 2 days!!

Skip for 2 days as i go back my godmum's house after the Sexual Health test.
Enjoy a holiday because is Labour Day!!
Haha..Student also 1 kind of job and quite heavy also as so many assignments,tests,projects,homeworks,activities.....
No easy also oh.Haha...
Back to my topic.
The Sexual Health really no easy oh.MCQ style really make people crazy oh.Don't know should pick the answer or just left it empty when no confirm..Damn Pek Chek!!!
Anyway i will start prepare for my last paper which is Signal and System on Monday.
Last 1 paper.
2 hours.
3 credits hours.
4 chapters.
Fourier series.Fourier Transform.Laplace Transform.Z-Transform.

Wish i can score well for my last paper!!!