Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time with Samsung GT

Samsung Galaxy Tab = My new phone-tab

No bad for using but the battery finish so sudden when playing game.Haha...

Before this I had tried with Asus smart phone with Windows mobile OS. It disappointed me till I lossed my patience on it. Lagging, software problem, slow data processing, low internal RAM...

Luckily Samsung GT no have these kind of problems (may be I still no discover gua..) hahaa...

Although it is heavy, it is high energy consumption, the camera no so advance, the price is high....I still like it very much!!!!

Hope can get the pink colour pouch and 8GB memory card from my brother so can put in more games, movies and songs!!!

Haha... On the way learning using Andriod and my Samsung GT!!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My 1st tab~~~


Finally got my Samsung Galaxy Tab!!!!

I choose Samsung Galaxy Tab 7' because it can be my new handphone!!!

So excited to play it~~~

And on FB using my new treasure. Nice!!!

Although it is not pink in colour, it cost me 1K, it is a bit heavy...

I still like it very much!!!

Learn learn learn for using Andriod!!!!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dutch Visit & EAstin Dinner

Today a group of postgrad student from Netherland came in to visit my department.

They all are very pretty/handsome, smart, and funny people.

It will be a best thing for me if i can further my study or research some where full of this kind of people...

After introduction from my head of department, a great presentation from 2 pretty dutch had showed to us. The presentation focused on their nice university and research center.

The simple lunch is the beginning of the luxurious dinner.Hehe...

I am one of the postgrad student who so lucky been invited to join the special dinner at Eastin Hotel!!!!


Really enjoy the meal so much and start from next week, a heavy exercise is needed in order to burn all the cholesterol!!!Haha...

Happy fully sleepy night~~~