Friday, December 31, 2010

The day before 2011

At the end, new year eve is here.

Nothing special on the last day of 2010, a year that quite special in my life.

  • I finish my degree from University Malaya. Haha..I am a Biomedical Engineer now!
  • First time got the offer from big companies, first time rejected their offers.Wakaka..
  • Start my researcher's life at UM. A new experience to me.
  • Have many new experiences this year although some of them were bad to me.Hehe...

Morning, kept my luggage and back to Melaka.Hehe..

Afternoon, went into Kajang on the way back to Melaka. Discovered a new nice badminton shop. No bad..Thanks oh Seh Hua for intro me this nice shop!

Trimmed my hair. No really look nice but at least look tidy.Hehe..Hope that the new hair style can bring so luck to me in the interview.

Night, had my dinner at home. Home cooking really nice.Wakaka...Although boring to stay at home for whole day, can accompany my parent and read some story book...No bad la.Haha..

Wish all of my friends, no matter who you are, where you are, what you do...

Happy New Year 2011

All the best for YoU

Have a Healthy, Pretty, HAppy Year

Thursday, December 30, 2010

1 day before 2011


Damn Sien ah!!!!
Moody oh!!!!

Morning, nothing special except had McD burger for my breakfast...FAT FAT...

Afternoon, had lunch with Eng Kuan and another senior, Eric. He treated us Neslo. Although the drink a bit over sweet, it good to drink la..Haha...

Then ran an EEG experiment till 5pm. Went to play badminton with varsity team player. Then bullied and felt myself really low peroformance le..Ai..Want to improve myself oh...

Then Pasar malam. Long time no go lo. A bit different from the last visit and all the prices of food and things are increase!!!!Shit...Bad..

Damn boring oh...
Whole night gaming although tomorrow is public holiday. I should outside at this moment and no face the Bejeweled whole night...


Got a BBQ invitation but might not be able to attend. Sorry oh Wei Ren...

Miss you all....

2 days before 2011

Today was an amazing day.

Morning, no stuck in jam.

Afternoon, watched a fantastic tennis game after lunch. A foreigner asked Eng Kuan, my senior to push his car as his battery spoilt. When we helped him, he just sat inside car and gave us order!!?? Don't know why we so bad luck to be a cheap labour for him...

Tha conclusion for afternoon session is Eng Kuan and me are too good to be bullied by the people around. Wakaka..

Night, after having a fresh healthy dinner with Kian Seng at Subway SS2, we went to UMIT 15 Closing Ceremony at 5th College. It is a nice ceremony although many funny story happened. Congratulation to all UMIT members, no just UMIT 15 but all who had contributed to UMIT Big family!!

After the ceremony, had a tea with senior Ah Pei, Ma ge and Mei Yee. Got some very important new from them. Thanks of Seniors. One of the Best thing for me in UM is become a Secholian, a CC member in Second College.

Receive a sudden new from my friend. Friday holiday?? Why?? Thanks to Malaysia Football TEam!! Wakaka...

Hope You can enjoy my countdown life...

UMIT~~~COme On!!
Second College, Arummba!!!
Malaysia, Go go goal!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 days before 2011

Weather: Heavy rain...
Mood: So so...
Luck: Worse...
Health: So so...

Daily life: Met a very funny thing on the way back to home. Saw a police car broke down beside the Federal Highway..Nobody willing to stop their car and give a help!!!Wakaka...

Have a very good dinner with Kian Seng. A great meal, no because of his treat, no because of the tasty food, no because of the free pudding but because of a good friend. A long talk with good friend will make a change in busy, moneyless, targetless, bad life (my Life) into something different. It might no a big change, can't change all negative into other side in it but it give a little motivation on me for changing...

Thanks oh brother!

Next time I treat you K...

Yuan Zheng, Han jie, Ah Tiu, Ah kiang, 190...When you want to eat with me??Hehe...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A BAD LUCK Christmas!!!!

What a bad luck Christmas!!!!

My little Kancil spoilt at this super meaningful day???

Early in the morning made me wanna cry ah~~~!!!!

____No breakfast because nothing can bring me out to the lovely stall ____

____No outing at Christmas unless want to stuck inside public transport___

____No money because I need it to repair my car~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!____

Santa Claus no only forgot to leave me so present but HE broke down my car!!!


Too bad...

Coming New Year...

6 days to go....Please have something good happen on me..

I wish not on the good luck because I know there are no GOOD luck for me...Just wish to have something good happen..Please....


Friday, December 24, 2010

平安夜 2010

Christmas eve. Nothing special to me.

No celebrate for Christmas

No present for Christmas

No $$$$$$$ for Christmas


Have a lot of wishes for all my freinds

Have a lot of stuff for my future

Have a lof of FAT need to be clean out!!

Haha.. Anyway...

Wish all my friends enjoy their Christmas eve and coming Christmas..

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010










期待的下一章 圣诞大餐

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

堂哥大喜 Sg-ing

Last weekend went to Singapore to attend my cousin's wedding ceremony.

A very nice wonderful lovely sweet wedding!!!

The bridegroom so handsome and gentleman.

The bride so pretty and smile sweet.

Wish both of them stay happy together and lovely forever!!!

It is a good gathering for me to meet all my relatives. Some of them i don't even meet before.Haha...

Too many relatives le.Hehe...

I had a good weekend at Singapore although I have not time to visit around as only stay 1 day there...

But after visit Singapore, I wish to work there for a few years to experience the life there...It will be a totally life with what I have now...I guess..

Merry Christmas to all of You oh!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Saturday, 11.12.2010

Left a few days, a new unknown year will come to us...We declare it as 2011...

Somebody told me 2011 will be a good year because it will have 11.11.11. A good day for marry. (May be a good day for another terror action.)

Somebody told me it will be a bad year as our world economic will reach another lowest point especially in Malaysia, under the stupid lousy country management. (May be a good year for the opposite politic party. The ruling party act something stupid in front will encourage the grow of opppsite party!!)

Somebody told me it will be a hard year for all lower income group include me. I strongly agree with these. ( Definitely will be good for those to take advantage on lower income group. Stupid corruption always there.Ai...)

Sorry.I am too boring so wrote out so many funny thing...

Sorry.I am too lazy to work up on my research...


My injured middle finger...Pain oh!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bad day for my middle finger..

So so so bad luck oh!!!

A stupid beaker broke my middle finger!!!

So deep and a lot of blood lose!!!!

I prefer donate those blood to mosquitoes rather than INJURED!!!!!

So pain oh...

Wu wu wu wu...Tomorrow I want apply MC!!!

P.s: Dr Belinda,please accept my MC.

By the way, MC holder can go PC fair ma?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Racket

My pink colour badminton racket was spoilt!!!


So heart pain ah!!!!

And my Yang Yang Sensation 300 racket also followed my pink colour racket...Ai..


I had to buy a new racket...I have no $$$ le oh!!

So this month I planned to buy Maggi and egg for my breakfast and dinner...


Help me please!!!

New racket-

Yang Yang Quantum Saber 6000

Quantum Saber 6000

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Snowing in My Heart

Due to a low pressure area which formed over the coastal waters of Malaysia, the heavy rain in the northern states of Perlis, Kedah and Terengganu caused most of the places in these states suffering for flood.

Due to some family problem, research problems, working problem...the heavy snow in my heart caused me whole night kept continued with the terrible nightmare, caused me can't rest well, caused me can't focus on what I am doing, caused me froze my mind, caused me heart pain all the days, caused me scared to face you all, caused me don't know how to deal with you all...


Can I run away from where I been borned?

Can I don't look at the things happened but pretend I don't know everything?

Can I be the hunter, straight away lie down and pretend myself was dead when see the bear?

Can I shout at you all to know actually what happened?

Can I handle the things you two having now by shut myself down and cut of all the sources of information?

Can I....

I can do nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont' snow please.....
I just don't want to lose you all...

Monday, November 1, 2010


No snow in Malaysia.Naturally.

But why I am feeling cool in my heart?

Frozen my mind and all my ability to keep move on...

May be it just an excuse for being lazy

May be it just a reason for holiday

May be it just a reason for stop all works on hand

May be it just a sign for run away...

I don't know how many reasons or excuses or signs I might have to slow me down for the works...

I just believe, I am no good enough for being a successful person no matter in what...

Ok...I need to change now. No negative in myself...Em..May be less negative..

I wish to be positive mind started from long time ago.

+positive +positive +positive +positive +...

Happy November for Everyone!!!
No snowing here!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010















Sunday, October 10, 2010


容易满足 容易高兴

Monday, October 4, 2010

FuLlY WeeKenD---MaLaCCa TriP

Having a 'FULLY' weekend at Malacca!!!

Senior JQ visited my hometown with his family and treated me eat so many nice food!!


Satay celup...
Ikan Bakar...
Fry Rolling potato...
Dum sum...
Loving Cendol...
Crepe Cake...
Chicken Rice Ball...
Like that how to keep fit???
Thanks oh JQ...
Sorry for the ikan bakar ....Hehe...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010






Monday, September 13, 2010

After Raya...

Today is Monday.

After 4 days holiday, back to the lab, alone stay in the empty lab. Don't know what should do beside journal reading, online, play game, novel reading...

Feel so boring now..Don't know how to make my mind cheer up...


Later night market, hope can get the novel I looking for so long.

At least to get something make me happy leh...Please...

Miss You so much

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Before Hari Raya

Wednesday, last day for me in lab before Hari Raya.

Today spent 25 minutes in traffic. When reached UM, I got shock because there were so many parking place in front of my depament!!

Then came in to my lab. Nobody there. May be I was too early today.
After 2 hours, my lab-mates came in. Total got 5 persons in lab today. Considered good as 3 of them will going to celebrate their Raya and prepare all the cookies after their working time.

After my lunch, left 2 chines in lab. Me and Chi Tat.
Spent 3 hours on my stuff. Hope this time it will turn into what I want.

5pm. Left me alone in lab.

Yes!!!! I am champion!!
I am the one stay longest in lab!! (Sorry I am too bored..)

After that packed 2 delicious nasi lemak ayam (for my sis) and Hokkien fried mee (for my god parent. They like it so much) for my dinner.

Finish my time with computer game, chit-chatting and youtube-ing.Haha.What a meaningful for me..

Got a very nice touching song.

一生所爱-西游记之月光宝盒的主题曲.By 卢冠廷
Going back Melaka in 4am. Good bye ...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

KLCC Book Fair

KLCC Book Fair
Seh Hua and I reached there around 1pm. RM2 for entry fee considered ok for those who planned to purchase some books at this fair.
After 2 hours of survey, I could not get the books I want. Fell so boring. Suddenly I stepped on a card. A touch n go card. Nobody want to get the card from me after 10 min standing there. Wasted my time oh...

I bought 3 books at the end and they cost me RM50. Ai...Need save $$ this month le...Wu wu wu...

5pm. I received a sms for asking me whether I am interested involved in a beer survey or not. The survey will take around 30 min and the reward will be rm40 cash token.
So we rush for the survey in order to get rm40.
So happy as the book i bought only cost RM10 after I got the RM40 from the survey!!!
Sunday .... Monday ....
only thing make me happy
after you were leaving

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

End of Aug-Begin of Sep

Today is the last day of August. Early in the morning, woke up and began my day with badminton with Han Jie and my juniors. Damn tire although just 2 hours non-stop playing.

Injured my leg because of the bad condition of my badminton shoes.

But still happy as really enjoy playing with all of them.

Thank you oh...

HAving my lunch at 4pm. Cendol at section 17 is nice but price increases le.So sad...

My parent sent my sister to my godMum house. My whole family made my godmum's house very noisy. Very funny...

My leg very pain...

Do't know when it will recover so I can play sport well..

I miss YoU

At the end of August

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Loving Tony Roma's


At the end i tasted the food at Tony Roma's, MidValley!!

It is a very nice experience for me although it took a lot of my monthly salary, i still feel it is worth for me to have dinner at there.

Nice nice nice!!!

I am a moody guy so it is easy for me to feel down and happy...

With delicious food or a great sport session, I will live again...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weird weird Wed...

Today, i woke up as usual 7.30am. Prepared to start my research's life by brush teeth, bath, biscuit breakfast and fetch my god dad went to UM medical center.


I just spent around 20 min to reach UM!!!

What an amazing journey for me as normally i will reach UM with at least 30 min driving...

I thought today will be a great day for me...

Who know...

It was just a bad day for me!!!

1. My sample can't be used!!! My research have to start from beginning to get to know which part of it got problem...

2. My salary still no get for this month!!! But other friends who same with me already enjoying...

3. I have to think properly whether this kind of life is suitable for me or I have starting my job-hunting now...

4. Lunch time with McD. Increase body weight by reduce the weight of my wallet. I need exercise more but my sport shoes always make my leg injure...

What should I do?
May be I need go temple le...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend 15.8.2010

...Happy Weekend...
After did my passport, had a nice lunch with dad at McD.
Had a wonderful weekend with all my hometown best friends.
Badminton 3 hours then enjoyed a good dinner together. Feel so great!!

Thanks for all oh.

Hope can meet all of you in the coming gathering!!

Today reached my working place within 30 min.
If everyday can experience the same, I willing to wake up earlier.

Monday, August 9, 2010


终于 毕业了

如今,却能站在Dewan Tuanku Canselor从马大校长哪接受我的毕业证书。


I am a unprofessional engineer. A Biomedical Engineer.




My buddy line.

Monday, August 2, 2010

An amazing Monday Morning

What an amazing Monday!!!!

I spend 30 min to reach UM from Sunway by Federal Highway!!!

Woo hoo... No jam.No car crash here crash there.No people stand middle of the road quarrel this shouting there. No Ambulance 'Pi-Po Pi-po' there. No policemen and their stupid Waja 'Yi-oik Yi-oik there. No people make the traffic slow down and no people stupid stop their car on the highway.

What a super nice happy Monday morning!!!

Although I got mountain like works need to be done today including Badminton Session with 2nd juniors and accompany one of my good friend celebrate his birthday, still feel very happy to start my day with this kind of good condition!!!

Hope everyday I have this kind of feeling to work up on my research!!!

Wish me good luck oh!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Inception = A nice idea..

A movie that described about 'dream', 'Technology', relationship between people, 'Memory', 'Time' and the most important is 'LOVE'.
Steal the knowledge, secret and information from other person brain in their 'Dream'.

Using the high 'TECHNOLOGY' to 'get in' into other people dream and steal something from there or more advance--implant some ideas to that person.
6 persons from other background, work together for the same aim--Implant the idea or mind to their target. Different 'RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PEOPLE' have the effect on the thing they work up with.
'MEMORY' will be one of the thing that Dom (the main character played by Leonardo Dicaprio) needed to overcome in order to complete their mission.
'MEMORY' also one of the thing that implant deeply in our mind.
'TIME' can delete almost all the things in the world except the memory and the love between you and me.

'Love' is the most unforgettable thing in our life. No matter which kind of 'Love' it is. The feeling on your lover, your children, your parents, your friends...
Deep in your heart...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The worst thing in Malaysia

Walao eh....

3 days continuely traffic jam like hell at FEderal Highway!!!

I know you will surprise on what I am trying to say as Fedaral Highway always traffic jam and it is no a big issue. But What i am saying now is totally abnormal case!!!

Before this 3 day, Monday, I went to UM using Federal Highway as well. From Sunway to UM, it took me about 35 minutes.

But start from Tuesday until today (Thursday), it took me at least 50 minutes to reach UM!!!!

What the hell!!!

Today I spent less time (50 min) because I kept using emergency lane (Salah di sisi undang-undang) which I broke the rule in order to reach early to my lab. So sad about it...


What happen on You, Mr Federal??


Tomorrow I will pay to NPE, let the stupid company which share their profit with our minister (RASUAH!!) to cut short the time I shut up in my car!!!

$$$ ,when only you will reach my hand??

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

REsearch ASsistant's Life...

EArly in the Morning, 8am reach the lab. I start my life as a research assistant. Worry and work up for my research...

Sometimes I am very very busy till I forget the time.
Sometimes I am very very free till don't know what should do.

Sometimes I am confuse and don't know what should do next for my experiment.
Sometimes I am rush all the ways to complete my test and experiments.

Sometimes I sleep on chair inside the lab.
Sometimes I play game inside the lab.

Sometimes I have my lunch at KFC, McD, Sushi King...
Most of the time I have my lunch at 12th College.

Sometimes I reduce my weight by play badminton.
Most of the time I increase my weight by eat a lot of nice food.

Sometimes I got Fa-Mum (father mother) Scholarship.
Most of the time I am poor with empty pocket.

Spend most of the times on the journals and research reading.
But spend more on missing YoU.

Late of the day, 10pm or may be 11pm, back to home. I return my life back to a normal human being. Worry about my future and worry about YoU...

Monday, July 12, 2010







Wednesday, July 7, 2010



一盘经济炒饭与面加颗煎蛋加点叁巴与辣椒= RM3.50!!!


还是engineering 的cafe啊!





Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Durian delight

Nice nice durian!!
D101 i think..Forget the name le.Haha..

Orange colour de!!

Look nice

Eat nice!!

Mountain like durian!!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


When I finished my final exam and final presentation...

I decided:
-To find a good job
-To further my study in my field
-To earn $
-To earn experience and knowledge
-To become mature
-To plan well for my future life...

After half month on failing to get job and offer on master study, I made my face thick and cut down my nerve which to control my face turn into red when feel shy.

An x-ray,ultrasound,MRI, diagnosic equiment company called me for interview. A big, famous company in medical field. I did quite bad in the interview but the result is...God bless me.I got the offer as a service engineer. Based in JB after training...
My supervisor can't hold from my disturb and she is so kind, good, helpful to me in searching some sponsorship on my research assisstant's salary. And she prepare a title for me to work up in research and also might be focus of my master study...
Is time for me to choose...
Should I go for a big famous company or work hard for my research???
I really weak in making decision...Scare of regret, disappointed, upset and fail...
I miss YoU
One of the things that I never regret is loving YoU....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You make me high!!!


I like you so much!!!

After a 2 n a half hours badminton, all bad things are gone!!

Inteview bad performance--Gone
Job hunting but no news--Gone
Missing YoU but can't see YoU.Bad feel--Gone
No money for abalone,flying here n there,BMW--Gone!!!!

A simple way but make me alive again...

I love you.....

Monday, June 7, 2010


Common methods are neoadjuvant chemotherapy Adjuvant chemotherapy combine with radiation therapy to kill cancer cell.

Hematopoietic stem cell transplant approaches, isolated infusion approaches, targeted delivery mechanisms, and Nanoparticles are newer methods but some of them are still in experimental stage.

Creating an environment (chemically,biologically and physically.) in human body part that only allows human body cell to survive can be another way to cure cancer disease.

The aspect to consider will be:
1) What conditions that limit cancer cell to live?
2) Will this condition threaten the human body cell?
3) How to creat this environment?
4) How to limit/control the area of the environment created so it does not affect other parts?
5) What is the cost for running the test?
6) Will it cure cancer disease?

Just a funny thing in my mind. A bulb lighting ...''TING'''.........

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Movie time...

Quite a long time no upload any post le...

Busy for job hunting and hang around with friends. Nice but seem like no target for my future.

Have a movie today.Midnight show. Shrek The Final Chapther: Forever After.

A good movie for me as it teached me a lots. Gave me a lots of lessons, no only in my life but also helped me to figure out my bad attitudes/behaviors. Hope that I manage to correct them in the future.

Now, show u some scenes in the movie. Really a nice movie for whole family.

Good versus Evil

Shrek shrek shrek: AHhhhhh.......

The sword'cat' act cute!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Great weekend....

21st May 2010. Friday.Hot but night rain awhile...

Feel glad as at the end I confirm can graduate on time!!!!

And my thesis got A although my Tissue Engineering and Advance Biomaterial can't get A...


Finally I can tell everyone...Undergraduate life end !!!!

Thanks to everyone oh!!
All Seniors especially Jq Ooi, SiawPeng Er,Heroright Moo and 2nd college seniors!!All batchmates especially Loh Yuan Zheng, Chew Han Jie, Yean Tiu Kian Yean,ai hui,shin yin, kai wen,and all biomedical coursemates, Ang Cheng Cheng,and Mechanical gang!!

All juniors especially biomedical juniors,
Grace Lim , Khoo Kah Khim,Tan Ting Ling,second college juniors,my ex roomate- Choe Kin Wei,ilee Robert,Lim Hong Yan,Assunta ,EE gang,Shan shan, Lee Jia Nee and Chee Ling!All my good lecturers especially my lovely supervisor,Dr Belinda,Miss Einly Lim,Dr Ting and Mr Ng!

Thanks to

............My family........

The most important person I want to thank to --------- YoU...
Without You I don't think i manage to finish my study ...Thank you...

22nd May 2010.Sat.Whole day rain and feel fresh as I hate hot big buring sun!!!

Haha...Enjoy a great great great badminton game with Shi Yeong,Seh Hua,Wei REn,Siew Wei,Siew wei's sis,Jia Ling,and special guest---My brother, Wei Xian.He seldom sport with me.Haha...

Enjoy a happy peaceful relax weekend...

Job hunt? Next week lo..Haha..Lazy now.


Sport, U make me live!!!!

23rd May 2010. Sun. Wish that rain will never stop...I want sleep until 12pm!!!Haha...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

16th of May

Today, Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) had a job fair but i missed it due to laziness and Thomas Cup final.Haha..

Night 8pm, Yuan zheng's early birthday celebration at Amcorp Mall.
Had a nice gathering with them before having new life...

1122pm, waiting Han Jie at Old Town Coffee shop.
Looked out from there, heavy rain outside.
It looks just like my life now.
Sit inside a warm nice place. Going to move out from the place I stayed now to face and experience what happen at outside...

I will lost there... I believe...

Thomas Cup Semi-final and Uber Final

Friday,14 of May 2010.

Bought a ticket for Thomas Cup semi final.

2.30pm.Enjoy a great game from Japan and Indonesia.

Japan team showed the great sport and fighting spirit against their opponents-Indonesia in every games.Especially Japan second single-Sasaki (If not mistaken. Forget his name...). His opponent is Simon,a indon player who has better skill,experience and world ranking. But because of his strong fighting spirit and never gave up to every single point, he won the match.
Final result = Indonesia won with 3-1.

2nd semi-final game between Malaysia vs China held on 7pm.
I couldn't really enjoy the game because of Lee Chong Wei lose concentration in the game, Tan/Koo double made a lot of mistakes in the game...Before 3rd game started (between Wong Choong Han vs Chen Jing), I walked out from Putra Stadium and went back early. No heart for another lose...
Final result = China won 3-0.

I should sell my ticket as my friends told me the RM38 ticket can sell with the price of RM150.
Wasted a chance to earn $$...

Sat. Uber Cup final between China with Korea.
1 more chance for me to enjoy a team which with the great fighting spirit and never give up in every movement just for saving a point. Great move Korea women team!!!
Congratulation for winning the Uber Cup!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thesis presentation = Done!!!

Today is final thesis presentation.

Wake up at 7am and went to UM from Sunway early in the morning.

Early in the morning, met traffic jam.Really a bad sign for me.
Reached UM on time but the person in charge camr late, bad sign 2. What is the meaning for ask all students came early but the person in charge came late??
Setteld down all the things, waited for my turn to present. My bottle left outside and my tie left inside my car. Bad sign 3.

Luckily i managed to finish my presentation before the funny look guy ring the bell.
Thank God, I finsihed all the things required to graduate!!!!

Now just need to prepare the full hard cover thesis to submit.
Then waiting for graduate and jobless....

Job hunting start.............................

Sunday, May 9, 2010


我的二十三岁生日就那样过去了。没什么特别的事发生除了美国股市跌了几十点,我国的其中一位警长的车被偷(找回来了),UM大塞车,Seuol Garden的烧烤很不错...那样而已..

买了一双鞋奖励自己。Warehouse Sale 买的。应该是毕业前最后一双鞋了。哈哈。。Nike 的哦。。


Friday, May 7, 2010



不是我不想让自己停止找那么多借口,而是我无法在找不到原因时,还要逼自己去接受自己不喜欢不想要的。 (结果我还是在找借口...唉...)

P.s:Presentation 还没做完。

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moody......Last 2 days at 2nd college..

Today is 2nd day i finish my final final final examination. Final year final sem final paper...

Yesterday whole day used on novel reading, rain running (Went to computer lab.Raining and had to run back.Luckily, met a damn kind senior = Hnag Seng.He fetched me back.Hehe..), ZanMai Sushi with senior and my lecturer (yummy!!! But expensive - -!!! ), Yum cha-ing at Murni...

Have a great time with juniors, batchmates, seniors and lecturer...

But today...Start feeling bad and missing. Going to leave the room, to leave the college, to leave the faculty, to leave the university I stay for 4 years...Haven't start packing yet!!! Haha...

And today is Midvalley Jusco Member day.Because of post lab presentation at 3pm -5pm, I miss it again...Bad...Hope to get something useful for my future life.

Job hunting ?? Reasearch seachring ?? Life enjoying ??

Which is the best for me???

Saturday, May 1, 2010


After tissue engineering,a few days holiday for me to prepare next paper = AI (No anak isitimewa la please...Is Artificail Intelligence!!!). A subject which is very difficult to understand, hard to prepare it and totally no idea what will come out in the final exam...

So i decided to relax my mind before start to memorize all the fuzzy theory, logic system, IQ, EQ, expert system, genetic algorithm, neural network and Hopfield network...

Activities to relax my mind
1) IP man 2 - No very nice actually.If your hobby is martial art, it is a good show for you. For me,it just a normal movie. 6 marks out of 10.

2) Nice food = Sushi King. Enjoyed a very very nice sushi meal for my lunch. So happy!!! (Pocket empty...)

3) Sport = Badminton! Em...My performance became worse...Weak stamina and low speed...But sweat a lot. So happy...

4) Sleep = Bad... The stupid malays stay near door always play music like inside pasar~~Walau...Damn bodoh!!! Luckily last night sleep tight at my aunty house...Haha..

To be continue...

Friday went for an interview. A big company.Learned a lot but i don't think they will hire me.Haha...Never mind.It is a good experience for me. Hehe...

AI, I am coming!!!

I am missing you since the day u walked into my world
I still missing you even you walked out from my life
Will the missing end before we meet again?
The missing will never end because YoU are inside my mind keep reminding me
YoU're my girl...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

28th April 2010

Today after 4th paper = Tissue Engineering, I went to McD with my good coursemate, Kian Yean.

I had a Double Mc Spicy Deluxe.

Super nice!!!

My mouth consider big but still no enough for me to give it a bite!!!

Very full and happy after finished it...

Release all my tension on it.


So hope can share with you...

Take good care oh...

Miss you...

Monday, April 26, 2010

26th April

Today I finished my 3rd paper = Prosthetics and orthotics. Open book test but very hard!!
Hope for a B lo...

Tomorrow, 27/4/2010, brother JQ's birthday!!!
Wish him all the best and have good life there!!!

4th paper.Tissue engineering.Hard and scary subject...

Studying at 5th.Alone.So hope you at my side now...Ai...

Wish you are well there...

Friday, April 23, 2010


23rd.Having my 2nd paper.Final sem final exam.

Advance Biomaterial.

Study, memorize and forget...


So hope can fast fast finish all my examinations...

1st paper = perspective in healthcare. Did quite bad.May be just a B? Or a B-??


Hope can get a job soon....

Miss You very much...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Copy from facebook..Study week too stress...

Study week so stress and study progress so slow...Low productivity...

Post something from facebook here to share with you...













Some of them really true and I knew you wish i can be what stated inside the words. some of them quite hard to believe...

I very miss you...

I hope can be what you wish although I might be unhappy sometimes...But i hope you are the one who are the most happiest when with me...

So hope that time can run backward till the day we met...And I wish can be the one at your side always...

Miss you so much....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

20 April 2010

2 more days will be my final year final sem first paper.
No prepare well for it as no have study mood now.Ai...Quite bad...

Hang out with a group of crazy, friendly, funny seniors, batchmate and juniors...

Have a very wonderful night with them.

Listen a lots of jokes, teasing between each other (positive + negative = laugh all the time), and make noise at McD. Really a special crazy memory for me within my 4 years study...

The best joke from our God-Hang Seng, 'Tan Lean Choon (birthday girl) + Tee Chee Beng (her batchmate) = CBLC (can be defined as bad words). But God is different from us. He defined the words as 'Confirm Boleh Lulus Cermelang' for all in the final exam.'

Damn nice and good!!!

Hang Seng, your level really different from us.Haha...

All the best for you all in your examination!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Study week 12/4~21/4

May be this will be my last study week in my 4 years uni life.
Happiness, stress, sadness, smile, tears...
All of my uni lifes...

I miss you.Deeply.

May be chanceless, hopeless, I still hope the answer from you.


Last study week...I wish it will be...

Good night...


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last lecture... 8/4/2010

Just finished my last lecture in my 4 years uni life...Undergraduate uni-life...

So hope to get an answer from somebody.. How to continue...

No more:
Supper with you all (seniors & juniors) at Section14,ss2,Ming tian
Sing K with you all
DU food
Sport without end
Represent KK2
Projects (UMIT,MATB 1 or 2,PTB,the most important CC...)
Meeting until 5am
Prepare dancing performance for seniors and juniors
dedications selling or buying
Marketing drive












Sunday, April 4, 2010

4/4 Last week lecture

Hopefully the coming week will be my last week attending lecture in 4 years uni life.

No doubt that I love uni life that no have assignments, examination, and THESIS!!!

Sport, food, activities, project, hang around and chit-chat with others.


People said the time past so fast, come to the end of uni life.

For me,

"4 years are too long for me to study at here. But 4 years are too short for me to learn how to be a better man."

P.s: Thesis haven't done. Assignment still need to copy paste. Exercises haven't finished. But now what inside my heart only got you and my future. Take care...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

1/4 April fool

刚‘享受’完一顿丰富的宵夜,第一次吃不完的roti john。


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MATB 2 2010 \/ Thesis

Last week Friday was MATB 2 2010. A function which was held at 5 stars' hotel. Is 4th time i attended it since 2007. I thinked it will be the last time for me. Really appreciate it.

That day had a lot of photos, eat a lots (1st time I felt full in such function), met a lots of juniors with pretty/handsome dressing, and talked a lots with seniors and juniors.

Really hope I can be the VIP in the coming year to attend such function...Haha..Just kidding as I not a good and proffesional student,not a well contributer to college...

Some of the photos I took that day...

Inside bus.SS

SS ^2

Leng lui!!!

Old ppl...

After enjoyed the dinner, now come the hard time ....Ai...

Thesis had to be done by 31st...And I confirm can't finish on time... Some more my supervisor started to unlike me...How how how???

Anyone can give me some ideas how to solve this 'engineering' problem ????


After grumbling, let's go to thesis...

Wei Hong, try your best!!!!


How are you there? Enjoy your life? Remember to take good care...I will be missing you all the time...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

MATB 1 2009/2010

今天是第二宿舍的MATB1。一个在DU (Dewan Umarak=Dewan Makan)主办的颁奖晚宴。

第一次=1st year.那时我是add-hoc。没什么好玩的。

第二次=2nd Year。那时我是排球队长。拿了个银牌,没机会角逐最佳队伍。也没什么好谈。

第三次=3rd year。那时我是Lencana Separuh的得主。这是颁给在运动领域对宿舍有贡献的学生的一个荣耀。那时蛮开心的。毕竟学术方面的奖项自从我进入大学后就没机会染指了。而且运动是我最大的兴趣。能得到他人的肯定,还真的不错!

第四次=Final Year。今天的感觉有点怪怪的。Junior都‘酸’我得了个‘终身成就’奖。Lencana Penuh。它,算是我在大学四年所参加的运动的一个不完美的终点吧。。。SUKMUM没的过金牌,羽球不能进入一流高手的境界(当然是指大学的水准啦),排球没有很好的表现,蓝球没入选,手球却太迟接触,乒乓没真真的去学,网球却只停留在初学者的境界。。。牺牲了好多好多的时间,汗水与泪水,得到了心灵上的饱和。算不算值得呢?


P.s: 在你眼中的我又是怎样的呢?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thesis = killer...

Final year project = Thesis. A nightmare for all final year student. Am I correct??

I really can't get any good thing from this stupid final year project.. Is that i must learned something from so difficult 'project'??

Since the 1st time i stepped into 2nd college, all seniors kept talking how terrible thesis is. When the time is coming, is my turn to grumble on this stupid work le!!!!

Waste time, waste energy, waste money...Anyone can tell me what is the benefit that student can get from final year project??
Learn how to prepare report? No. We can learn this skill from prepare experiment report.
Learn how to write research paper? If I don't wish to further study, is that i need to have this skill for finding a job?
Learn how to analysis data? No need do thesis also can learn gua?
Learn how to write literature review? Haha...

I really what i learn from doing thesis...

So stress and so hard...Ai...


Finish grumbling!!!!!

Go work lo...

Aza aza fighting...

P.s: Will you read this post?

I just want to tell you that I never stop missing you even 1 second...

Take care...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10/ 3/ 2010

Today is a boring busy day..Because I slept this morning 230am, so when i wake up,10am was coming and i had to wash my shirt, send the receipt to office, get approve for my letter from my lecturer/supervisor, and go to career path (career fair) for 2nd survey..

And after i finish washed my shirt, i got a call from HP company asked me for attend an interview which will be held at 2pm.

So I have to rush to my department to settle down the things in my plan and walk to DTC for the intervew without have any time for my lunch!!!

Ai...Pity ...and hungry...

I met my secondary schoolmate at DTC and have a funny discussion with the ZTE company worker. I went through a 30 minutes interview session with HP workers. Although I had tried my best,I believe i no the best candidate they looking for. But it is a good chance for me to involve in a job interview session.

Busy day...
But do nothing for my thesis and asignment!!!
Tonight sure need really concentrate on my thesis and Tissue engineering assignment!!!!
Aza aza fighting!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

1 week after 元宵


Sunday, February 28, 2010


今年的元宵节过得很无聊。真的觉得在浪费时间。没有和朋友们去拜神和赏花灯是我的错。机会没把握所以现在一个人吃完不好吃的晚餐(2nd mamak)后在房里上网写blog。真的很无奈。。


来临的一星期,我的生活只剩Assignment 和test,还有thesis。。最后一年的大学,难道真的没有一丝让人开心的吗?



元宵晚 华灯初上 影尤在 心思何方

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bad luck Vs Good mood??

Sunday,I heard about my best friend = Shi Yeong said he almost everyday push up 200 times to build up his body. So I wish to do so to make my body stronger and stay healthy..

Who know when I started to do about 70 times, my hand muscle already warn me that they couldn't afford for continually push up until 200 times. So I could only reduce the number to 100 times...On the second day, my muscle pained!!!

Until today my muscle pain still no recover especially my triceps !!!!Damn pain...

Aih...the bad luck still following me from the 1st day of Chinese New Year until now...

Yesterday I went to Masum Badminton Training. I could only played soft due to the muscle problem... The coach said I was confused whether wanted to smash or not when the opponent returned the shuttle to me... So sad... T-T


But I got a good new from my friend at night. It make me so happy!!!

New Pink Racket!!!

New and old racket. Yonex and Apac.

Hope that the good mood can help me gain some good luck in my life....

I really need some good luck !!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Holiday finish...

Tomorrow will be the 1st day of class after about 10 days holidays...

This year Chinese New Year was too normal for me. Nothing special occurred except i fall sick on the 3rd day of CNY. Damn bad luck...

Gamble = lose.
Holiday = Sick and do nothing.
Thesis =Zero progress in the holiday.
Study = Comic and story book in the holiday.
Job hunt = ???


Luckily I ate a lot and slept a lot during this holiday...

I miss You...