Thursday, December 20, 2012


Nothing to write down when 12.12.12.

So I can only share something in 20.12.2012.

Will today be a special day for me?

I have no idea. But based on yesterday experience, today might not a good day for me.

Experiment getting same result which meant zero progress.

How bad it is!!!???


Going to start another round experiment...Boring!!!!

Wish you all happy 20122012 !!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Middle of December...

Oh God, is it half way of December!!!

Left a few days then END of the World!!!

Left a few days then Christmas!!!

Left a few days then New Year!!!

Left a few days then we left 2012!!!

Oh God...

Please stop the time...At least slow it down..I still got thousand of works never complete!!

Thousand of Dreams haven't yet come true!!

Thousand of Present haven't give out haven't received!!

Thousand of delicious Food haven't tried!!

Thousand of Places haven't visited!!

For the debt I owned now, no matter is in term of money or works or promise...

Sorry la.Wait 2013 la. If we still have 2013. Haha...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beginning of Last month in 2012..

1st of December.

If the prediction of end of the world is real, then I left 11 days for finish all the things I want to do, wish to do, need to do, force to do...

Time is flying, the memory is so far yet so close to me...

Every night, it seems like visit me like visit an old friend.

Excited, happy, sad, disappointed, too much feeling...

Wish you are well there.

After watching a movie, and a football match. Is time to gather all my energy on my research...

Hope it can be done before end of the world.......