Monday, February 25, 2013

1st Post in Snake

After a long holiday, is time to step into research again.

Although I have no Chinese New Year mood after the 1st and 2nd day of CNY, I still enjoy the new year holiday very much.

By having the time with all my family, and my best friends, I really appreciated what I have now.

Still will envy those rich people who no need to worry about money.

Still will envy those big luxurious car owner who can drive away other's eyes.

Still will envy those big pretty house owner who can swim at own private swimming pool.

Still will...

I will jealous all others have but always forget to look on my side, look on what I have.

I hope I can always put all my family in my heart and look after of them every second.

I hope I can always concentrate with my research and do it properly for what I have decided.

I hope you got chance to look at this and give me a word. A word to warm my heart.

Thank you...

Miss you....