Friday, November 30, 2012

Nov 2012--End!


Why November so fast passed by!!?!?

I not yet complete my work ah!!

Tone of work is there and mountain like project is waiting for me...Cham ah!!

How how?? What can I do??

Died Liao la...

November 2012, completed my Taiwan trip. Yeah!!
November 2012, good result showed for my experiment. Yeah!!
November 2012, finish all tuition class and yet free for jalan jalan for December. Yeah!!

November 2012, haven't started my thesis writing. Aih..
November 2012, haven't complete my experiment, external project and presentation. Aih..
November 2012, haven't decide my future plan and Master/PHD work. Aihhhh....

Too much things never done...

Is time to wake up le.

Welcome December!!!