Wednesday, November 30, 2011

End of Nov-2011

Last day of November.

Involved myself in SUKMUM (Sukan Mahasiswa University Malaya) badminton.

Won in the second double game but lose in the match as it is a team event.

My opponents are lower standard. But team lose le..Very bad..

A good experience as a badminton player...

Tomorrow can win to start a new month ma?

Don't know~~~

All the best for second college badminton team!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011



A special number a special day.

Start this special day with an early wake up and normal breakfast.

Smooth traffic always made people have a better mood to start work. Friday morning without traffic jam will give every road user a fresh morning to office. Hehe...

Good news from my supervisor for attend the Conference and my design work.

My design!!!

My prospect work. Thanks to Wei Ren and Shian Yi.


Had a very nice lunch at MidValley Tony Romas. And a very nice Extreme Mocha at San Francisco Coffee.

My lunch.

My Extreme Mocha in front my Pink Laptop.

Thanks to brighten my day.

A special 11-11-11 compare to normal Friday.

If can with you in this special 11-11-11, it will be a perfect day!

I miss You.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011



IS NOvember liao???????~!!!!!!~~!!!!!!

Aiyo...So many things are waiting for me to settle them ah!!!!OMG~~~

October__Things completed
1. Got my Galaxy tab and used to it (learning..) - LIke
2. Attend friends' wedding - Like
3. Had good time with you -Like
4. Played tennis - Like
5. Research progress (on going) - Got dislike button ma?
6. Deepavali ??

got a lot of photos haven't upload. Too bad....

November, what I have to do in this month?

Seems like I got thousand of things need to settle down!!!