Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 10.Prepare for tmrw ELective paper although very upset

Tomorrow will have another subject which is consider no very hard but very hard to score A.
Why i said so?
Because it is a multiple choice question format.You sure will think that MCQ=objective suppose easy right?
Haha..It's different type of MCQ.
Each question got 5 answer and you have to judge every answer whether it is true or false.
So each question MAX you can get is 5 marks and if u answer correctly only 3 out of 5 choice then the total marks u get is 1.It means they will minus the total marks if u did wrong.
Fortunately, the MAX mark is 5 per question and MIN mark is 0 per question.
Sound interesting right??
Prehaps i can score for it as my PDE fail already...
Ai...Wish tomorrow i can do well in the paper.
And after the test still got 1 final presentation
for Clinical engineering.
Wich that my group will do well for it as well.
All the best for Biomedical 3rd year student!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 9.PDE I failed and retake during Special Sem!!!

Just finish PDE test..
Glad to tell those who hate me or dislike me very much..I fail this paper le!!
Can only answer 2 out of 6 questions and can't get the correct answers..
ANd i need retake it during the special sem.Happy to hear so??
1st time after finish exam, i planned to kill the people who create this course..F^#k Y%^...
Ai...Waste $ and time to retake it...
Sorry to those who encourage me and support me..
Sorry for make you all disappointed..
Sorry to my 'teacher'...I can't treat you eat great meal le as I failed the paper...


Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 8.Finish Digital Test.Thanks to Mr Ahmad.K.Prepare for PDE

Just finished Digital System Test.Should be ok.
At least i can get 45 out of 60 lo..
So i left 3 papers.
The most dangerous is tommorrow paper...
Ai..Really don't know how to answer it..
Anyone can give me some good suggestions??
Don't just tell me study hard oh.
I don't think study more on PDE will help me pass the this paper.
Don't ask me cheat in the test.
It is impossible to do in the Bangunan Peperiksaan (Exam hall) ok.
Don't ask me pay $ to the lecturer.
He won't look at my $ as i can't pay more than RM500.
Don't ask me give up as i don't want to repeat this paper again.

So any idea???

- .. -

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 7.Prepare for PDE and Digital system tests.

Study till saturated so going for a football match.
MU vs Hotspurs.
MU is my favourite team.Hehe...
What a amzing fantastic match!!!
Rooney and Ronaldo.Double 'R' really scored machine!!They produced 4 goals and each scored for twice!!
Back to my study.Ai..PDE damn hard.Looking back all the past year, I found that this course really crazy as all the questions like make for ET or some one from other planet!!Damn hard..
All the happiness from a 7 goals match finish because of 1 Fourier Series question which my genius fren--ChengCheng did it like eating a nut but I cant get the answer after several times trying!!!
How to pass leh...
Really confusing now...
Digital test, hope you won't kill me as i don't want die twice...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

PDE past year.Dare to challenge??

Just finish key in the question.

Dare to challenge it??

Day 6.Sat.Cant rest as tues is killer paper..

Finished my 3rd paper le...Just hope that i can at least get a passing marks as i can do at least 65% of the question.Others than that, 18% is empty, 17% is 'tiup' (means blow and simply write something...Haha...

After this got tests on Monday and Tuesday.Monday is digital system and Tuesday is killer paper--Partial Differential Equation!!

Just finish dinner at MS (Million Square...Don't know my spelling got wrong or not).Eat with 2 new friends.Both are UM softball representative.1 is a chinese from malacca.Another 1 very 'Yeng'!!She using Ipod Iphone from Japan!!She is a pretty girl who has malay daddy and japanese mum. And she very geng in softball and her taek-kwan-do as well. She also the representative of 'ki-do' (i think the spelling is wrong la.Haha.Is Japanese wood sword martial act) in Asean Game.Very Geng!!!

Ok.Finish my new friends introduction.Now come back to my story.Since Tuesday i will face the killer paper so i decided study less about the digital system and focus more on the 'killer'!!Haha..Actually is lazy to do revision on digital system.

Regarding to my best friend--JunHan's comment.Actually a lot of the subjects i took no so hard.Just some of my lecturers very very bad in teaching (knowledge transfer process) and some of their hobbies are laugh at us when we no understand and act pity of us when we failed the paper.So I will feel so down when facing all that kind of tests.And when we failed,They will tell us:'Never mind.Repeat the paper mean u learn more and understand more than other.'They may don't know repeating paper is very very hard for a uni-student...I meet alot of lecturer like that in my department.Don't know why...May be it is 1 of the reason why my uni ranking keep on droping in the world ranking.Haha...

Ok.Back to my main point.Partial Differential Equation (PDE).It is a very very hard course.This subject is really hard and no related with the lecturer although the lecturer is a bit 'weird' la.Haha...For PDE, U have to put a lot of afford to understand it and score it..

Who are good in Maths.Welcome to challenge!!I will post some of the past year questions after this.After you finish the question then only tell me whether it is hard or not.Remember,some of the solutions may take 2 or 3 pieces of papers.So prepare more A4 paper if u are interested in solving such questions...Hehe...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 5, Biomaterial


My 3rd paper on the 5th day.

I can say nothing related to this course as it also teached by my 'lovely, kind, good' lecturer who teached me thermol fluid in 1st and 2nd year, and also my 2nd paper = Biostatistic.

So, as usual. This paper will not have any tips for us. And i can't even get the complete syllabus for this course. He will come out some questions based on our assignments and the assignments titles all we choose ourselves!!! And since there are 10+ groups, so what we need to study is the whole biomaterial reference book!! And I don't know whether the book I used is the proper biomaterial book o not..Die..

Means that we become the coordinator to fix the syllabus...



Wish that all my coursemate can pass the biomaterial paper and sure included myself...

Thanks for all who help me in pass this paper..

Good luck and me...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 4, Chek ko birthday.

I just finish my 2nd paper on the 3rd day.
Now over 12am le.Happy birthday to Chek ko.
He is my senior who helps me a lot in badminton...
He has very good stamina so everytime play vf him sure run till die.Haha..
His 24th birthday but i can't attend.Very sorry oh Chek ko.
Sick le..Don't know why everytime when examination, sure will no feeling well.
Last time also like that..Really bad luck oh..Ai..
Now wan prepare for 3rd paper which is Biomaterial on 5th day but can't concentrate as sore throat and my nose keep on 'watering'...Really Sien..
This time no need to ask who can help me as i think the doctor at 12th college Clinic sure can help me...
for the 3rd paper...Can i pass it??

The 2nd paper i did damn bad...
Just hope my lovely lecturer don't want me repeat and pass me...Please...

Biomaterial. Seen like can handle but don't know what is the exact condition when i saw the question..Can I do it well??Hope so...At least give me a B....Pray...


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 3, 2nd paper...

Tomorrow will be my 2nd paper...


Killer but don't know how he will set out questions this time...
Still remember that time he was our thermol lecturer... Just like putting us into a steam turbine and forced us followed the process...Ai...Suffer...
This paper he gave nothing(tips or the chapter include in test), just like what he did on us last time. He no likes to give tips to his students. but even you follow all his class and finish all the tutorials, maybe you can answer just 1 question from all as sometimes the questions he came out really terrible.Although in our syllabus we just need to understand a bit... Maybe he guesses all of us have to finish study the text book and all the exercises inside the book before enter the hall..Die...
I admit that i am a very very lazy student...But I believe what i said about the lecturer will be agreed by somes my coursemates..
Don't know he will 'kill' me this time ma...

1st paper is too many tips till don't know what should study...
2nd paper is nothing but all syllabus and many thing have to study till don't know which part shoudl focus, which parts can give up...

Ai...I hate this type of life...
Too many Unknown..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Finish 1st paper...But no have any happiness because of the coming paper...

Finish the first stage of final examination.If not have special 'accident' occured, this first paper can earn a passing marks for me..
Now the problem is the second stage which is on the coming Wednesday...
It is biostatistic paper...
According to my malay coursemates, this time, our 'good, nice, kind' lecturer will give us 6 question and we have to answer them within 3 hours..3 hours!!!!!!
What a extreme fantastic test...Ai..Realy can't imagine how we feel when we finished the paper..
Red in both eyes and keep shaking head are 2 of the signs you will see i guess..
Realy can't imagine what actions I should give to my best good lecturer...Don't know this time he will fail me just like what he did in thermol fluid 1 in my first year or not...Sien...Really feel upset to 'My Lovely' lecturer...Scare...

Who can help me this time???

Or maybe 'you' are boring to help a person who only will troublesome you???

Who dare to speak truth???Ai....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tomorrow Examination!!! First Paper...

Tomorrow is first day of third year final examination...
The subject is Control System. Is a subject consider no very hard for all but since the lecturer is one of the killer in my department (i been 'killed' last time), so everyone also scare the 'suprise' that from our 'good, kind, nice' lecturer.
All the 'TIPS' he gave are very details but we no very sure how high the percentage that we can believe the TIPS..Ai..How suffer I am..
Just like having RM50 in your hand but dare not to spoend it as too many unknonw related to the RM50. Maybe the $ no yours.. Maybe the $ is fake.. Maybe the item you want to buy cost cheaper at other place..
That's the feels... Don't know how..
Haha..Maybe you will say, 'just study all lo.'
Study all is a good way. Memorize the text book the sure can answer the question.
But... May I know who will memorize a book just for answering a paper instead there still got another 6 subjects are going to have test as well??
Ai..Suffer oh..
But can only pray n pray that I can answer at least 80% of the questions....Please GOD...
I need LUCK....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can't concentrate..Waste 5 days already..

Ai..Study week but don't know why i have no mood to concentrate on study..
During my 1st year 1st sem,I seffered the same thing and the result was i got damn bad CGPA for my final...Almost give up to continue study..
Now the same problem occured..This time really died hard le...
Just like what my lecturer, Dr Ting said:'If u no study hard for my subject then you will die hard in the final...'
Who can help me?


Thursday, April 9, 2009

To my friend who spend so much time to teach a stupid..

Because I am so so so so lazy and like to ask other help..I nearly lost a good friend..May be i already lost..Ai..
Wei Hong..
When only you will change ur attitude??
Your behavior..
Really will cause you lost a lot a lot a lot true heart friends..
Sorry my friends..
I will try to correct myself so won't troublesome you all..
Sorry my freind..
Thanks for ur help and thanks for ur notes..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Clinical don't torture my mind please...

Ai…This is 2nd times I feel so panic because of my clinical assignment.
Is it very hard to do? Em..A bit but no really.
Is it very lack information about the work to do? No really as my group member and I found quite lot info on it.
Has it a very complicated work? Definitely!!
Now let me tell u what I should do…

Basically, I have to think about a rough drawing of the device, circuit n connection diagram of the device, material needed + model…
About its operation ways and function instruction.
About which parts of body we collect data…
Described a programming codes used on the microprocessor, how we set the baseline value for the references data and data presented from the patient, how to compare the data, simple program…
This device is used to detect the condition of your veins or arterials based on the principles of infrared, absorption of light by the blood (Hemoglobin, melanin and water presented), the intensity of the light reflected from patient’s body..Ai…

I really don’t know where and how to start up my work…
Anyone willing to help me think about some parts of the devices????

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Clinical = Don't know = Know nothing = Everything have to know

This sem i have to take a course call clinical engineering.
This is a course basically we don't knw what we have to take and learn..
It just a way to teach us about something of our thesis.
How to do our thesis..
Just some explore to us..
Damn sui..
As this course really teach me nothing..
All have to find and learn ourselves..
Boring to attend the class like that..
And may be i have to continue the title of my assignment in clinical for my final year thesis.As in this course, what we did on the device or our new idea for some device, we may to continue it for our final thesis..
Damn sien..If i get what i did now,sure i fail on it..Haha..

By the way..

Who can teach me the way to apply Doppler Effect on a device to detect the flow rate of the fluid in a tube.By using the infrared theory or light source oh.
No using ultrasound oh..