Saturday, February 21, 2009

Perlis Trip!!!! 2008 Dec

Inside the cave

My lovely mum!!!!

Last year i went to Perlis = my dad hometown.

Now show some pretty picture here.

My family and my eldest brother no went for the trip.Busy working.Haha..

My mum and my sister


Above are some scenes at Gua Kelam (Cave of Darkness). I no inside some pictures because i am the camera man ma.Haha..

It's me!!!

Before entering the cave.. Before start our explorance..

PDE I hate 'you'!!!!!!! But please pass me..

I hate PDE!!!

Why there have so special subject to torture my mind leh??

May be i become stupid le..Last time maths is my best subject!!!

But now it's almost become a killer to me..HAte oh..

So worry..

Who can save me n pass me!!!!!!??????!!!!!

Ang Cheng Cheng??

Or My best coursemate??

Who oh....

SUKMUM volleyball..3rd place...

Sorry to my 2nd coll volleyball team..Because no have a good setter so we can perform better..

I am not a good setter..


Wish that next year we will become better.

Remember don't give up!!!

2nd Power!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

lazy and busy so no update..


Almost 2 months le..

Very less on9 so update my blog..

Damn tired as juz passed through a terrible volleyball training..


Lucky tommorow no class..If not, sure i died le.


Wish all i know happy and lucky!!!