Monday, November 17, 2008

Everytime..I write this for a girl who i wish she can has her true love.

everytime when i listen to this song,i will think of u.
everytime when i listen to this song, i will miss the time with u.
everytime i think about our past, i will keep on asking myself why last time i don't know appreciate what i have.
everytime i think about you, i start to regret to feel sad to blame myself.
everytime i feel regret feel sad and start to blame myself, i hope can hold u.
everytime i hope to hold you, i found that there just a dream.
everytime i dream of you, i know you are not belong to me even in my dream.
everytime i try to make the ending changed, i know it is too late for me.
everytime i pray the ending never happen, i know the story for us is change.
everytime i wish the person at your side is me, i know this wish would never come true.
everytime i watch the album of our memory, i found that your smile is not inside my mind.
everytime i ask myself why can't remember your smile, i can only remember your tear and your farewell.
everytime i play the game you like, i hope other wont see my tear.
everytime i eat ice cream, i can't share with the person at my side as you are not at my side anymore.
everytime i think of your leaving, i will think of your tears as the nigth you left, i cant hold my tears to stop.
everytime the song played, i know u take all of mine even my last breathe.
everytime i start to press my phone, your number will appear even i hope can replace it.
everytime i want to think about you, my mind will stop me from missing you as i cant stop crying.


有些话 永远只能写在我的记忆里
这些年 我都一直想把它告诉你

有些人 永远只能住在我们记忆里
那个他 是否就是你记忆的主题

究竟 我们是否应该在一起
他的背影 一直都在刺痛我的心 oh。。
这感觉 让我湿了眼睛

究竟 我们是否应该走下去
连 你的美丽 都在盼望他的消息 oh。。

我期待 你的温柔 是否那么遥不可及
我盼望 你的陪伴 是否只存在我的梦里

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Sick When Doing the 4th Paper..

Bad luck this time..

I hate myself very very very much oh..

Very sien..

When facing the paper that we have chance to score, i sick le..Sick quite seriously..
Running nose, sore throat, flu, fever, all come le..


When saw the paper in the exam hall, i felt so so happy but suddenly my mind blank and i forgot all the solutions !!!!

Really Hate oh..



Very cold oh..

Electromagnetics, i feel very sorry to 'you'.. Lecturer, thank you!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just write something because my mood is bad..


Don't know why everytime when exam coming, i will suffer a series of bad mood just like girl's bad mood during their period. I have mean not to critic girl at here but when exam time, no matter how i study how i prepare for the tests, i still will pressure, bad mood and feel like want to give up..

Last time when i sitting my SPM, I also facing the same problem..Very bad oh..

Don't know how to escape from this kind of terrible mood.. And i can not tell other about what i suffer. This kind of feel realy will kill me as got problem but can't solve it can't even share with other..

Realy a bad bad mood oh..

What i can do now only write something on my blog no matter how bad my grammar, how bad my english and i don't care also whether got people will read my blog also..Just want to find some place some ways to speak out my mind..

Sometimes i got a lots of ideas want to tell other but i failed to do so as i realy no good in communicate with other..

This shows when i joined project in uni.May be i am good in talking but definitely i no good in mix up with a group of new friends..
How bad i am ...


If anyone had read this, please write something or share your experience with me oh..

Just hope who suffer the same things like me can share their best way to escape from this..

Realy a bad bad mood time..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today--Obama,You are the best!!

After finishing the 1st paper for my final examination, i got the news which stated our great super leader- Obama was the election winner!!

Feel very happy as the world is changing.. We no just choose a country leader base on race, region, or any other specific faoctors but we choose a leader base on his or her quality in manage what he or she will face when he or she holding the post.

We don't know How good Mr Obama can lead the economic,technology strong country in the world but what I can confirm to say is a reformation will be work out to change the country and bring the country to another better condition.

Today, our parlimen meeting came out a funny story again..Mr Najid, who giving his explaination about our economic plan. And our opposite leader who plan to ask Mr Najid question..Since our country is a democratic country, anyone who follow the correct ways to asking the question in the parlimen meeting is given chance to speak out the question and no one can stop the people to ask. They can only stop the topic or choose to escape from it. Or they can just answer that they don't know the answer. But our Great Mr Najid no only can't do so but scare to answer the opposite leaders question and choose to shout ' You all can't ask any question during the explaination section about our economic plan.' I think Mr Najid wll do just because he no prepare the answer for certain sensitive questions about the economic plan. So the opposite side leader should be patient and wait Mr Najid to collect all answer form others then only ask questions. And that time may be he can prepare multi choices answers for some sensitive answer such as the how to use the extra RM70B from selling petrol, or the RM2B for education use should pass to who to handle it le??

When only our country can be like US leh??
Like Hong Kong has ICAC...Our country got jabatan pencegah rasuah..But is that the functions of 2 departments are similiar??
Haha..1 is detects whether got people involve in corruption or not no matter in what field. Another is help to close the cases that people involve in corruption and receive some profit at the back. Besides they also is a department to help Gov spend our money on them.Haha..Hope that they won't put in mind what stated here la. In malay, 'siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas.'


All stated above just some ideas from my fren. if anyone who interested in this topic can add urs comments here and we discuss later oh!!

Time to start study le..

Biomechanics..I am coming!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Today -3rd of Nov 2008 Share Market Up Again!!


After a few weeks 'bad' condition in international share markets, we welcome a 'bull' come back to our share markets!!
(Bull in share market is a symbol of share market go up. In chinese,牛市像征着股票起了!!)


Although i no a professor in marketing or no very expert in buying/selling shares, i still happy to see the share market up..Hehe..As better share market represent our country have better economic..

Although i very very stress because of the stupud final exam, i still very concern about the economic status in my country oh..As no matter how high level i complete my study, if my country facing economic problem then will bring trouble to me to live in this so so so beautiful place ma,right??

Haha..Sure u will think my mindset a bit funny but it is a true because i love my country. Even this country fulfil with corruption, criminal cases, bad people include some police,politician, stupid high post people in gov such as the guy who buy 'helicopter' with so many $ without a proper test for them.Don't him know even the SIRIM approved sticker can buy from some photocopy shop with RM10 per 100 meh??Haha..

Although my country got some many 'funny' things but i still love my country..

Ah ha..i forget my main aim to write this post le!! I just want to share happiness with all about the good condition in our share market!!

Congratulation, BursaMalaysia!!

To be continue ...

Exam = Boring = Stress...


Boring again so try to write something here..

Exam on Wed.Study no.Sleep a lot.Facing the ball more than facing revision books.Sit at mamak stall longer than sit in front own laptop.

Stress oh..

Don't know how to change all the stress to money or anything i want..If not sure i will be very very rich and less nothing in life.Even now i also less something in life only la..Such as less $, less time to use, less toys,less game,less ...Since like i have nothing!!!


God, to show i no a greedy guy..Can YOU give me half i need now?? Or quarter??

Haha..I really no a greed guy..



P.s: I choose red colour for the words to show .. 'Alert'..Dangerous is there..Haha

Saturday, November 1, 2008

To My Friend

To a girl who feel so tension and so sad:

I don't know how to help you as i don't know the guy and no very understand you..

I just want to tell you that what you feel or experience now will be your 'treasure' in the future. It will help you gain more than other and learn more in your one way life..There are nothing to lost if you keep your good heart and keep healthy. Maintain positive mind, smile more, take good care on yourself, dare to face all the challenges in your life and overcome them, don't mind to help others who need your help, be patient in life, be yourself and try to do the best then you will forget all the things make you feel sad, weak, unhappy or down..

Don't mind to fall down or lose in life, just need to keep in mind that don't give up and dare to face the problems. Overcome it. Grow up from it and you will be stronger. Don't feel sad or tension becauseof the one who hurt you or make you sad. Just treat them as a challenge. A challenge that to make you stronger, smarter and 'richer' experience.

Forget 'her' even she has the happiness that should be in your hand. Just be the gentle one to wish them. Let it go or else you won't feel happy when facing your 'friends'..

Hope that what i write here can deliver to you. Wish you happy and be prepare to face all the challenges!!

Wish that Happy and lucky wil always with you.

I will always there for you..

Friday, October 31, 2008

My 2nd post..Tell u some funny things!!

Today don't know why no mood study and no mood to do daily activities like sleep!!!
Whole afternoon can't have a good rest..
i think i sick le..Very serious..
And now face to my pink colour laptop. Plan to write something who know there got (may be more than 1) stupid people burning something!! I think he o they is burning plastic as keep on give out some bad bad bad smell!!!
Realy stupid oh!! They don't know our country 'future' ministers are facing their final exam and burning midnight oil just for getting more proper knowledge to lead this country!!??
I think last time when our ministers studied at university, sure they facing the same problem so that they couldn't input all the knowledge gave by the lecturers and the results are they don't learn proper way to say, to work, to lead our country, to save money and energy and ....
As an example, they don't learn moral during their study so there got so many 'rasuah' (corruption) cases occur. Besides that, they don't know the proper way to speak o to talk. that's why so many funny things happen when they having parlimen meeting!! They also don't know how to lead our country to a better condition. When international petrol price increase, they want to earn so the market price of petrol increase immediately. When the petrol price drop, they told us they have to think before decrease the selling price!! May be they don't know mathematic as well as price increase RM 0.78 but now only drop RM 0.55!!

That's why i said when they study, sure got a lot of people burning rubbish around them so they can't concentrate and can't study well. When they graduated, they didn't know their own problem. When they become ministers, we saw their problem and laugh at them!! Haha..

just write something funny to release my tension!! Dun put in mind oh all ministers!!
May be you all study at other places where can see a lot of beauty, money, seaside till can't study well?? then the air pollution can't be then main factor to cause you all so 'clever'!!!

Just for fun!!!!

Editted by a boring kid

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the first blog ..


At the end i have my own blog le..Last time very lazy so no open..but since all my frens start post their story here so i start to have my blog le lo!!!


C u all here..