Friday, December 31, 2010

The day before 2011

At the end, new year eve is here.

Nothing special on the last day of 2010, a year that quite special in my life.

  • I finish my degree from University Malaya. Haha..I am a Biomedical Engineer now!
  • First time got the offer from big companies, first time rejected their offers.Wakaka..
  • Start my researcher's life at UM. A new experience to me.
  • Have many new experiences this year although some of them were bad to me.Hehe...

Morning, kept my luggage and back to Melaka.Hehe..

Afternoon, went into Kajang on the way back to Melaka. Discovered a new nice badminton shop. No bad..Thanks oh Seh Hua for intro me this nice shop!

Trimmed my hair. No really look nice but at least look tidy.Hehe..Hope that the new hair style can bring so luck to me in the interview.

Night, had my dinner at home. Home cooking really nice.Wakaka...Although boring to stay at home for whole day, can accompany my parent and read some story book...No bad la.Haha..

Wish all of my friends, no matter who you are, where you are, what you do...

Happy New Year 2011

All the best for YoU

Have a Healthy, Pretty, HAppy Year

Thursday, December 30, 2010

1 day before 2011


Damn Sien ah!!!!
Moody oh!!!!

Morning, nothing special except had McD burger for my breakfast...FAT FAT...

Afternoon, had lunch with Eng Kuan and another senior, Eric. He treated us Neslo. Although the drink a bit over sweet, it good to drink la..Haha...

Then ran an EEG experiment till 5pm. Went to play badminton with varsity team player. Then bullied and felt myself really low peroformance le..Ai..Want to improve myself oh...

Then Pasar malam. Long time no go lo. A bit different from the last visit and all the prices of food and things are increase!!!!Shit...Bad..

Damn boring oh...
Whole night gaming although tomorrow is public holiday. I should outside at this moment and no face the Bejeweled whole night...


Got a BBQ invitation but might not be able to attend. Sorry oh Wei Ren...

Miss you all....

2 days before 2011

Today was an amazing day.

Morning, no stuck in jam.

Afternoon, watched a fantastic tennis game after lunch. A foreigner asked Eng Kuan, my senior to push his car as his battery spoilt. When we helped him, he just sat inside car and gave us order!!?? Don't know why we so bad luck to be a cheap labour for him...

Tha conclusion for afternoon session is Eng Kuan and me are too good to be bullied by the people around. Wakaka..

Night, after having a fresh healthy dinner with Kian Seng at Subway SS2, we went to UMIT 15 Closing Ceremony at 5th College. It is a nice ceremony although many funny story happened. Congratulation to all UMIT members, no just UMIT 15 but all who had contributed to UMIT Big family!!

After the ceremony, had a tea with senior Ah Pei, Ma ge and Mei Yee. Got some very important new from them. Thanks of Seniors. One of the Best thing for me in UM is become a Secholian, a CC member in Second College.

Receive a sudden new from my friend. Friday holiday?? Why?? Thanks to Malaysia Football TEam!! Wakaka...

Hope You can enjoy my countdown life...

UMIT~~~COme On!!
Second College, Arummba!!!
Malaysia, Go go goal!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 days before 2011

Weather: Heavy rain...
Mood: So so...
Luck: Worse...
Health: So so...

Daily life: Met a very funny thing on the way back to home. Saw a police car broke down beside the Federal Highway..Nobody willing to stop their car and give a help!!!Wakaka...

Have a very good dinner with Kian Seng. A great meal, no because of his treat, no because of the tasty food, no because of the free pudding but because of a good friend. A long talk with good friend will make a change in busy, moneyless, targetless, bad life (my Life) into something different. It might no a big change, can't change all negative into other side in it but it give a little motivation on me for changing...

Thanks oh brother!

Next time I treat you K...

Yuan Zheng, Han jie, Ah Tiu, Ah kiang, 190...When you want to eat with me??Hehe...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A BAD LUCK Christmas!!!!

What a bad luck Christmas!!!!

My little Kancil spoilt at this super meaningful day???

Early in the morning made me wanna cry ah~~~!!!!

____No breakfast because nothing can bring me out to the lovely stall ____

____No outing at Christmas unless want to stuck inside public transport___

____No money because I need it to repair my car~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!____

Santa Claus no only forgot to leave me so present but HE broke down my car!!!


Too bad...

Coming New Year...

6 days to go....Please have something good happen on me..

I wish not on the good luck because I know there are no GOOD luck for me...Just wish to have something good happen..Please....


Friday, December 24, 2010

平安夜 2010

Christmas eve. Nothing special to me.

No celebrate for Christmas

No present for Christmas

No $$$$$$$ for Christmas


Have a lot of wishes for all my freinds

Have a lot of stuff for my future

Have a lof of FAT need to be clean out!!

Haha.. Anyway...

Wish all my friends enjoy their Christmas eve and coming Christmas..

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010










期待的下一章 圣诞大餐

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

堂哥大喜 Sg-ing

Last weekend went to Singapore to attend my cousin's wedding ceremony.

A very nice wonderful lovely sweet wedding!!!

The bridegroom so handsome and gentleman.

The bride so pretty and smile sweet.

Wish both of them stay happy together and lovely forever!!!

It is a good gathering for me to meet all my relatives. Some of them i don't even meet before.Haha...

Too many relatives le.Hehe...

I had a good weekend at Singapore although I have not time to visit around as only stay 1 day there...

But after visit Singapore, I wish to work there for a few years to experience the life there...It will be a totally life with what I have now...I guess..

Merry Christmas to all of You oh!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Saturday, 11.12.2010

Left a few days, a new unknown year will come to us...We declare it as 2011...

Somebody told me 2011 will be a good year because it will have 11.11.11. A good day for marry. (May be a good day for another terror action.)

Somebody told me it will be a bad year as our world economic will reach another lowest point especially in Malaysia, under the stupid lousy country management. (May be a good year for the opposite politic party. The ruling party act something stupid in front will encourage the grow of opppsite party!!)

Somebody told me it will be a hard year for all lower income group include me. I strongly agree with these. ( Definitely will be good for those to take advantage on lower income group. Stupid corruption always there.Ai...)

Sorry.I am too boring so wrote out so many funny thing...

Sorry.I am too lazy to work up on my research...


My injured middle finger...Pain oh!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bad day for my middle finger..

So so so bad luck oh!!!

A stupid beaker broke my middle finger!!!

So deep and a lot of blood lose!!!!

I prefer donate those blood to mosquitoes rather than INJURED!!!!!

So pain oh...

Wu wu wu wu...Tomorrow I want apply MC!!!

P.s: Dr Belinda,please accept my MC.

By the way, MC holder can go PC fair ma?