Saturday, January 30, 2010

1st time Kepong Badminton!!!

Today feel so tired... But very happy ...

Went to Kepong for badminton.

From 830pm play until 11pm!!

And Have a very nice Bah Kut Teh after that...

Today,although I no have great actions but still satisfy with my performance...

I really like the feels of sweating a lot and getting point from my opponent espacially with jumping smash, cross net, and fancy skill play...

Today I made a damn nice (For myself la) returned shuttle to Kai Xiang. I acted no to receive the serve but I hit the shuttle after he slow down his movement. And I was success!!

Damn happy... REally happy...And quite regret as last time I no went for the badminton training/coaching...

Hope that can inprove my perfomance!!!


Thank you Chek Ko, Kai Xiang, Calvin ,Chek Ko's Brother and Chek Ko's mum!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My New Shoes

RSH (Royal Sporting House) at Subang has warehouse sales until this Friday.

A lot of sport equipments such as tennis beg,racket,badminton equipment and sport shoes are available there with a amazing price!!

Since that I want to save $$ and have a new shoes for the coming CNY,I decided to visit the warehouse sales!!(Quite far from UM)

And I am so happy as I got the shoes I wanted!!!

The original price after discount I saw at other shops is RM139.

I bought this shoes with RM85!!!

So happy...

So hope can bring you there...You sure will happy yo get a cheap good quality sport equipment especially sport shoes...

Monday, January 18, 2010

18/ 1 Day 6 SUKMUM Badminton

Today we will play against 7th college for the 3rd placing.

Wei Xiang played for 1st single match. And Calvin and Tai Meng is our 1st double.

Ah Ken played as 2nd single and 2nd double is me and Kai Xiang.

After 4 matches, our result is 2-2.So it's the turn of 3rd single - Kin Wei to perform himself!!

Luckily Kin Wei no droped out our hope.And....

We won to the 7th College!!

Although this year we cannot be the champion,I believe my juniors will get back the gold medal in the future!

2nd Power!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

16/ 1/ 2010 1st movie in 2010

I had my 1st movie in 2010 at Summit USJ.

Felt so disappointed to this famous movie...

I thought this movie had so big budget in making.It should be a good movie that at least have same standard with . Who know after i finished it,i almost vomit blood!!!

All the budget for this movie spent on some places can't help to improve the movie quality...

Waste my $$$!!!!

So sad....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 5, SUKMUM Badminton

Today we will play against 9th college which has 3 varsity players in their team.

Calvin Jackson was late today due to his thesis things so Kai Xiang and me had to be 1st double and Kumar played for 1st single match.

We won over the 1st double match as the opponents no as strong as their 2nd double.Kumar can't perform well as his opponent who is the varsity single player too strong le..

2nd double is Calvin Jackson and Tai Meng.They met some trouble but after adjusted the speed and tactic,they won the match.

Kin wei is our 2nd single and he almost broke the record for 2nd College---Send our team to the Final!

But because of his opponent is varsity player,he lose the match with the result 2-1.

Ah Ken was our only hope for Final.But...

He showed a great show to all supporters although he lose to the UM player in 2 sets.
The spirit showed by Ken really appreciated by all of us. Good job Ken KO!!

So Monday we will play 3rd or 4th place match.Hope that Monday all run smooth!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 4 SUKMUM Badminton

Today we played against 6th college to fight for a seat in the semi-final.

Since that 6th College has a very strong single (UM No.1)--Eric Ten,we can only let our junior,Wei Siang to play with him. Although Wei Xiang lose to him,he still showed a real fight to Eric.Good job junior!

1st double for our college is Calvin Jackson and Tai Meng.Their opponents quite good but no good in tricky ball.So the overall result become 1-1.

2nd single is captain--Ah Ken against 6th college penyelia--Dr Nawar.It was a fantastic game but the opponent seem like more experience so we lose this match.

2nd double match which is a match for me to cover back the mistake i made yesterday.My partner,Kai Xiang gave a power smash to the opponents and I am the one who set the shuttle for him and block all the front drop shot. Because of our good teamwork,we won the game.

Final match which is the one to decide who will be the semi-final list between our college and 6th college was played by Kin Wei.And he disappointed opponent's leader by 2 straight sets won over their 3rd single player.


We achieve our target---------Enter semi-final!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 3 SUKMUM Badminton

Today showed a very very bad performance in 2nd double game...
Because of my mistake,my team had to play a hard game in quarter final which is play against 6th College that has Varsity player-Eric Ten...

Feel myself very easy to be affected by their supporters...Can't even play with my 60% power sweat (- _-!!!) Bad...

Sorry to my captain...

Sorry for my other teammates who played so hard to win every single game...



Now i can only wish that I can perform well in tomorrow match.

At least achieve our target---Enter semi-final!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today we play against 8th college.

To make the game easy,2nd college captain-Ah Ken decided to change the strategy.This time i partner with Kai Xiang for 2nd double.

Our 1st single is Kin Wei.2nd single is Calvin Jackson and 3rd single is Kumar.

For the 1st double game,Ah Ken partner with Da Ming and they showed out a fantastic game.3 sets and the last set played until deuce.So great to see them enjoy a excited game.Haha...

And the final result for this game is...We won again with a big victory 5-0!!

Kin Wei-1st single match

Calvin-2nd single match

Da Ming and Ken-1st double match

Kai Xiang and Me-2nd double match

Main players photo session.Our 3rd single-Kumar was playing that time.haha..

Promotig 100+!!!

100th. SUKMUM Badminton won 1st round!

Yesterday SUKMUM Badminton Match started.

Our college was played against 3rd college in the 1st game.

This is a team event which include 3 singles and 2 double games.

Luckily,we manage to win all the game in the 1st day match.

Quite happy as I manage to dafeat my opponent in the 3rd single game.

Today our college will play against 8th college which is stronger than 3rd college.Hope that every player for 2nd college can perform well in the game.

2nd Power!!!

2nd college 1st double -Da ming and Ken (Captain)

2nd Double- Calvin and Wei Siang

2nd single- Kin Wei

3rd single- Me!!!

2nd supporters.Thanks for your coming.

The indian is our 1st single player for this game.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

99th Post.MASUM Dinner

Tonight was the Malam Anugerah Sukan & Rekreasi UM 2009.And this is the 1st time i been invited to join the dinner at Hilton Hotel,PJ.

Although I didn't get any award from that but really enjoyed this dinner as met a lot of friends,teammates,coachs and ate the nice food.

Luckily I got the chance to join this event although I am final year and getting not award.The Hilton Hotel is so nice but the food is no as nice as other 5 stars hotel.And the parking fees is too expensive for me...

The dessert---Damn nice ice cream cake!

Volleyball teammate--Tiong Leong

My basketball junior---Shu Chyn

College junior who represent UM for tennis---Shan Shan

Soh Shan Shan

Another college junior who play for UM tennis--See Ling

Taekwando Captain--Murnirah.

UM Ping Pong Girl Team

UM Badminton Man Single Player ---Ah Mok

Friday, January 8, 2010

8 / 1 / 2010

8th of January.

Today rain so heavy..
Because of raining, I can't get the bovine foot for my FYP (Final year project.I like to call it thesis).
Because of raining, so very comfortable and nice to sleep.But i wake up 845am.I think I get sick le.A disease call Missing.Missing in the world without you...
Because of raining, I can't enjoy my breakfast.Now very hungry.Scare get gastric.Better take some biscuit...
Because of raining, I can't go swimming early in the morning.I think the last time i wake up early in the morning and go for swimming was during my 3rd year.So long time le...

Time may past
Rain may stop
Song may finish
But why I can't take yo out of my mind...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

4 / 1 / 2010

4th day of new year.Nothing special happened...

Today volleyball training consider light work but my hand very pain!Long time never play leh...Bad..

After that badminton training.Feel disappointed to myself as my performance became worse and worse...Is that I can't follow their steps?Ai...

Don't know how to gain back my best performance...Hard.

Miss YoU...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

3 / 1 / 2010

3rd day of 2010.

A tire busy day for me...

Wake up at 8am.Thought to sleep back as today will spend a lot of stamina but can't.So sad..1st bad thing in 2010..

10am.Attended badminton training for SUKMUM at Sport Center.A very good training for me but don't know why today sweat a lot and very easy to get tire...May be no more younger like other player... (- - )

After training and we reached college at 1.20pm.So scare NO more tasty fried chicken.Lucky Mak Cik DU knew this is my 1st meal at college for 2010 so she keep a big drumstick for me.HAha..Is pak cik DU.1st good thing in 2nd college 2010.Hehe..

Finished the yummy chicken rice then blow water (chit-chat) with kai xiang,Ken and wei xiang at DU till 3pm.Long time no blow water with junior le.Haha..

Then had a nap till 5pm.Continued with volleyball training.Damn tire!!!
1st time i felt my leg clamp when I jump up to spike or to block!!

I should think properly because i no longer 1st year.No more younger like you all...Ai..Should I take part in handball??
No only time management but stamina and body health problem...
Should I take part in all ??

So hard to make a decision!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 / 1 / 2010

At the end i back to UM.

After moving all the luggages,feel my hands so pain...Headache le...

Hope that tomorrow training will go smooth...

Missing You all...

Friday, January 1, 2010

1 / 1 / 2010