Saturday, May 22, 2010

Great weekend....

21st May 2010. Friday.Hot but night rain awhile...

Feel glad as at the end I confirm can graduate on time!!!!

And my thesis got A although my Tissue Engineering and Advance Biomaterial can't get A...


Finally I can tell everyone...Undergraduate life end !!!!

Thanks to everyone oh!!
All Seniors especially Jq Ooi, SiawPeng Er,Heroright Moo and 2nd college seniors!!All batchmates especially Loh Yuan Zheng, Chew Han Jie, Yean Tiu Kian Yean,ai hui,shin yin, kai wen,and all biomedical coursemates, Ang Cheng Cheng,and Mechanical gang!!

All juniors especially biomedical juniors,
Grace Lim , Khoo Kah Khim,Tan Ting Ling,second college juniors,my ex roomate- Choe Kin Wei,ilee Robert,Lim Hong Yan,Assunta ,EE gang,Shan shan, Lee Jia Nee and Chee Ling!All my good lecturers especially my lovely supervisor,Dr Belinda,Miss Einly Lim,Dr Ting and Mr Ng!

Thanks to

............My family........

The most important person I want to thank to --------- YoU...
Without You I don't think i manage to finish my study ...Thank you...

22nd May 2010.Sat.Whole day rain and feel fresh as I hate hot big buring sun!!!

Haha...Enjoy a great great great badminton game with Shi Yeong,Seh Hua,Wei REn,Siew Wei,Siew wei's sis,Jia Ling,and special guest---My brother, Wei Xian.He seldom sport with me.Haha...

Enjoy a happy peaceful relax weekend...

Job hunt? Next week lo..Haha..Lazy now.


Sport, U make me live!!!!

23rd May 2010. Sun. Wish that rain will never stop...I want sleep until 12pm!!!Haha...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

16th of May

Today, Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) had a job fair but i missed it due to laziness and Thomas Cup final.Haha..

Night 8pm, Yuan zheng's early birthday celebration at Amcorp Mall.
Had a nice gathering with them before having new life...

1122pm, waiting Han Jie at Old Town Coffee shop.
Looked out from there, heavy rain outside.
It looks just like my life now.
Sit inside a warm nice place. Going to move out from the place I stayed now to face and experience what happen at outside...

I will lost there... I believe...

Thomas Cup Semi-final and Uber Final

Friday,14 of May 2010.

Bought a ticket for Thomas Cup semi final.

2.30pm.Enjoy a great game from Japan and Indonesia.

Japan team showed the great sport and fighting spirit against their opponents-Indonesia in every games.Especially Japan second single-Sasaki (If not mistaken. Forget his name...). His opponent is Simon,a indon player who has better skill,experience and world ranking. But because of his strong fighting spirit and never gave up to every single point, he won the match.
Final result = Indonesia won with 3-1.

2nd semi-final game between Malaysia vs China held on 7pm.
I couldn't really enjoy the game because of Lee Chong Wei lose concentration in the game, Tan/Koo double made a lot of mistakes in the game...Before 3rd game started (between Wong Choong Han vs Chen Jing), I walked out from Putra Stadium and went back early. No heart for another lose...
Final result = China won 3-0.

I should sell my ticket as my friends told me the RM38 ticket can sell with the price of RM150.
Wasted a chance to earn $$...

Sat. Uber Cup final between China with Korea.
1 more chance for me to enjoy a team which with the great fighting spirit and never give up in every movement just for saving a point. Great move Korea women team!!!
Congratulation for winning the Uber Cup!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thesis presentation = Done!!!

Today is final thesis presentation.

Wake up at 7am and went to UM from Sunway early in the morning.

Early in the morning, met traffic jam.Really a bad sign for me.
Reached UM on time but the person in charge camr late, bad sign 2. What is the meaning for ask all students came early but the person in charge came late??
Setteld down all the things, waited for my turn to present. My bottle left outside and my tie left inside my car. Bad sign 3.

Luckily i managed to finish my presentation before the funny look guy ring the bell.
Thank God, I finsihed all the things required to graduate!!!!

Now just need to prepare the full hard cover thesis to submit.
Then waiting for graduate and jobless....

Job hunting start.............................

Sunday, May 9, 2010


我的二十三岁生日就那样过去了。没什么特别的事发生除了美国股市跌了几十点,我国的其中一位警长的车被偷(找回来了),UM大塞车,Seuol Garden的烧烤很不错...那样而已..

买了一双鞋奖励自己。Warehouse Sale 买的。应该是毕业前最后一双鞋了。哈哈。。Nike 的哦。。


Friday, May 7, 2010



不是我不想让自己停止找那么多借口,而是我无法在找不到原因时,还要逼自己去接受自己不喜欢不想要的。 (结果我还是在找借口...唉...)

P.s:Presentation 还没做完。

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moody......Last 2 days at 2nd college..

Today is 2nd day i finish my final final final examination. Final year final sem final paper...

Yesterday whole day used on novel reading, rain running (Went to computer lab.Raining and had to run back.Luckily, met a damn kind senior = Hnag Seng.He fetched me back.Hehe..), ZanMai Sushi with senior and my lecturer (yummy!!! But expensive - -!!! ), Yum cha-ing at Murni...

Have a great time with juniors, batchmates, seniors and lecturer...

But today...Start feeling bad and missing. Going to leave the room, to leave the college, to leave the faculty, to leave the university I stay for 4 years...Haven't start packing yet!!! Haha...

And today is Midvalley Jusco Member day.Because of post lab presentation at 3pm -5pm, I miss it again...Bad...Hope to get something useful for my future life.

Job hunting ?? Reasearch seachring ?? Life enjoying ??

Which is the best for me???

Saturday, May 1, 2010


After tissue engineering,a few days holiday for me to prepare next paper = AI (No anak isitimewa la please...Is Artificail Intelligence!!!). A subject which is very difficult to understand, hard to prepare it and totally no idea what will come out in the final exam...

So i decided to relax my mind before start to memorize all the fuzzy theory, logic system, IQ, EQ, expert system, genetic algorithm, neural network and Hopfield network...

Activities to relax my mind
1) IP man 2 - No very nice actually.If your hobby is martial art, it is a good show for you. For me,it just a normal movie. 6 marks out of 10.

2) Nice food = Sushi King. Enjoyed a very very nice sushi meal for my lunch. So happy!!! (Pocket empty...)

3) Sport = Badminton! Em...My performance became worse...Weak stamina and low speed...But sweat a lot. So happy...

4) Sleep = Bad... The stupid malays stay near door always play music like inside pasar~~Walau...Damn bodoh!!! Luckily last night sleep tight at my aunty house...Haha..

To be continue...

Friday went for an interview. A big company.Learned a lot but i don't think they will hire me.Haha...Never mind.It is a good experience for me. Hehe...

AI, I am coming!!!

I am missing you since the day u walked into my world
I still missing you even you walked out from my life
Will the missing end before we meet again?
The missing will never end because YoU are inside my mind keep reminding me
YoU're my girl...